UPI: Apple’s stellar earnings might not last due to environmentalists’ criticism against iPod

“Apple’s robust earnings report for the latest quarter surprised few, given the runaway success of its ubiquitous iPod, yet there already is concern sales of the digital music devices will not suffice to keep Apple growing in the longer term. Moreover, criticism against iPods is on the rise, particularly from environmentalists,” Shihoko Goto writes for UPI.

MacDailyNews Take: Surprised few? What planet is this guy from? The highest estimate for iPod sales was 5.5 million. Apple sold 6.155 million iPods. The consensus estimate of $3.33 billion in revenue was nearly $200 million short of Apple’s reported $3.52 billion.

Goto continues, “…many analysts are already worried that Apple is far too heavily dependent on a single product… Apple faces the problem, however, that even its computer sales hinge on the success of the musical device, said Chris Green of London’s Computing magazine… Meanwhile, environmentalists have complained that Apple has been less responsible than other companies in using recyclable products in its music devices. The batteries and microprocessors inside iPods contain potentially hazardous material, and the company should be ‘more proactive in using materials that are less harmful to the environment,’ Zeina al-Hajj, campaign coordinator for toxic-waste disposal at Greenpeace International in Amsterdam, told United Press International.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s stellar earnings might not last due to environmentalists’ criticism against iPod. We’ve heard it all now.

From Apple.com: Apple rechargeable batteries provide a better solution for both your pocketbook and the planet. For instance, if your iPod were powered by 4-AA Alkaline batteries and you used one pack per week (which is conservative), after two years you would have spent over $200 (buying in bulk) and piled up 400 dead batteries for your local recycling center. http://www.apple.com/batteries/ipods.html

MacDailyNews Note: The once-proud UPI is currently owned by Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church which, in the year 2000, caused battleaxe Helen Thomas to leave the Moonified organization after 57 years for Hearst Newspapers.


  1. I have said this before. Writers get paid not for covering a topic, but for the number of words they put down. Here is a perfect example of someone getting paid that way.

  2. “The batteries and microprocessors inside iPods contain potentially hazardous material…”

    Since when is the iPod’s processor any more or less hazardous than any other processor?

    I’ve read of articles that reach very far for a reason to denegrate Apple, but this one is going to the far extreme.

  3. FOFLMHO … what a hoot!
    Yesterday EVERYBODY expected Apple to report a reduction in iPod and PC sales … exactly the opposite happened. And, today, it “Wasn’t a surprise.”

    Yeah RIGHT.

  4. I think Im about to have a frickin aneurism! Uh why dont we start by talking about the millions and millions and millions of batteries in throw-away cell phones, and start the discussion there. We can talk about the iPod after a few weeks of that debate.

    Jeebus H Cripes. Let me at these dolts!

  5. Why with all those former iPod users tossing their old faithfuls into the trash bin, the hazardous battery sewage must be piling up??!!!

    O’ come on, not that environmental responsibility isn’t a good thing, but Apple is already using a rechargeable battery that can be recycled (last I heard). And I haven’t meant too many people who’ve tossed their old iPods when they’ve purchased new ones. Lord knows, my friends have both my old 5GB and 10GB iPod, and I’m still holding on to my 20GB, and 40GB. I might give away my 20GB when I purchase a 60GB, but maybe not.

  6. I’m very Enviro conscious- Recycling my ass off here in Cali.

    But These Eco-Terrorists are really starting to irk me.

    It’s thanks to them that the spooked American public hasn’t moved our nuclear energy programs forward (like Japan, Europe, etc.) and that much more dependent on foreign oil.

    Yeah i know we are a gas guzzling SUV nation, but we shouldn’t have to burn oil to create Electricity for our Homes.

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