Poll shows Apple-backed Blu-ray preferred by consumers over HD DVD for next-gen DVD standard

“A poll conducted by the group backing the Blu-ray next-generation DVD standard shows that the technology is supported by a majority of consumers, putting rival HD DVD on the defensive,” Jay Wrolstad reports for NewsFactor. “The results show that 58 percent of the 1,200 consumers polled preferred Blu-ray Disc, 26 percent were undecided and only 16 percent preferred HD DVD. Of those planning to purchase the next-generation format, 66 percent gave the nod to Blu-ray and 15 percent preferred HD DVD.”

Full article here.

Blu-ray’s list of backers includes Apple, Sony, Disney, Dell, HP, Hitachi, LG Electronics (Goldstar), Matsushita (Panasonic), Mitsubishi, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, TDK, Thomson, Vivendi Universal (games), and Electronic Arts among others. HD DVD’s list includes such names as Microsoft, Toshiba, NEC, Viacom, NBC Universal, and Time Warner among others.

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  1. In addition to the Sony/PS3 impetus, I bet if 20th Century Fox supported Blu-ray, the battle would definitely be over (Star Wars released in HD)

  2. A poll conducted by the group backing the Blu-ray

    that’s all I need to know… biased questions… throw the poll out.. it’s meaningless unless someone objective writes, askes, and scores the questions…

  3. Bryan,

    RE: the first part of your post. Did you bother to read Al’s post about 2 hours earlier? Didn’t think so. Thanks for saying the same thing again with more words, though.

    RE: the second part of your post. The drive manufacturers will write any drivers necessary to make their products work in Windows. Non-issue.

    MW: Who gives a sh*t, as in “Who gives a sh*t” what your damned magic word is?

  4. > PS: Repeat – what if MS decides not to support Blu-Ray drives? Over 90% of computers can’t read/write Blu-Ray. HD-DVD wins. “Done deal.”

    That’s ridiculous. If MS decides not to support Blu-Ray, then someone else will write a driver. In fact, I’m sure at least one of the manufacturers has already done that (and probably all have). If Blu-Ray is the better choice, people will make it happen, and MS will look stupid if they don’t do it themselves. You live in a sad world view if you think that MS can dictate what hardware you use. If MS does something to try to stop people from controlling their choices, then it would be time for the DOJ to get involved, again.

  5. It is not correct to believe that miscreasoft has anything to do with the optical drive in a computer. The computer company has control over what hardware to put into a box, what brand optical drive, what speeds, just the same as the company making the RAM

  6. It doesn’t really matter what format the xbox and ps3 use. It’s not like you can stick an xbox game into a ps2. Why would that change. I think when they say microsoft is backing hd-dvd they mean using it in xbox 360. The OS is another animal all together. Their going to support whatever anyone wants to put in their machine. They’d be retarded not to. I’m sure OS X will be able to see data on and mount hd-dvds as well. Probably won’t support burning hd-dvd in iDvd or something silly.

  7. “It all depends on how the questions are worded.”

    Not necessarily.

    “Question 1, asked by the “company backing Blu-Ray”:
    Do you want a next-generation medium with a larger storage capacity and more headroom to grow, or do you want something not much better than DVD?”

    True statement.

    “Question 2, asked by the company backing HD-DVD:
    Do you want a next generation medium that will force you to repurchase all of your currently owned DVD’s or do you want a standard that is compatible with current DVD’s and ALSO allows you to play HD media?”

    Untrue statement. Backwards compatibility has to be built into any hi-def player, HD-DVD as well as BluRay. No one will have to repurchase DVDs. If standard DVD players can play HD-DVDs there might be an element of truth to question 2. They won’t be able to, so the question is moot.

    “Ask any 1,000 people Question 1, and Blu-Ray wins. Ask the same people Question 2, and HD-DVD wins. It’s as simple as that.”

    Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if it were. Too bad life is a bit more complex than that.

    “PS: Repeat – what if MS decides not to support Blu-Ray drives?”

    As a Mac user, I can only hope MS does do exactly that.

    “Over 90% of computers can’t read/write Blu-Ray. HD-DVD wins. “Done deal.”

    As things exist now, 100% of computers can’t read/write to any hi def format. Deal not done by a long shot.

  8. Take a look at the list of supporters… it’s really a no brainer which format is going to win out on this one.

    Sorry, but as long as Sony, Dell, HP, Hitachi, LG Electronics (Goldstar), Matsushita (Panasonic), Mitsubishi, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, TDK, and Thomson all support the Blu-Ray format, the game is over before it even starts. It’s not relevant which format the content providers, Microsoft and Apple support.

    Don’t kid yourself into thinking that Microsoft or Apple will support only one format in their OS… it’s not going to happen. It’s up to the hardware manufactures to decide this time.

  9. “I think when they say microsoft is backing hd-dvd they mean using it in xbox 360.”

    XBox 360s will ship with standard def DVD drives. HD-DVD support (if it ever happens) will most likely be available as some sort of external device.

    MDN word “farm.” As in, I wouldn’t bet the farm on MS’s XBox 360 for a HD player. A PS3 will be a better value.

  10. g3m4nn,

    My point about Blu-Ray being in PS3 is in regards to what MOVIE format people will buy. If someone already has a PS3 for games, they’ll more likely go buy Blu-Ray movies than go buy an HD-DVD player and buy movies in a separate format.

    As far as games go, though, you’re absolutely right. A game is a game is a game. The boxes are all proprietary, anyway.

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