Entire Japanese subway cars wrapped in Apple iPod goodness

“Our good friends in Japan have emailed us some fantastic pictures of a subway train ‘dressed up’ for an iPod campaign,” The Inquirer reports. “…This Japanese subway is not the Tokyo underground, and we’ll leave you to guess exactly where it is. We dunno how much Apple paid for the privilege.”

Full article with pictures of entire subway cars wrapped in Apple goodness here.


  1. Hey Dumbass,

    I know terror might not happen where you are very often, but where I am it happens weekly. And if these dogs haven’t killed a friend or loved one of yours, then shut your mouth.

    Only when you’ve lost someone will you be qualified to speak out.

    And thank those morons that are out on the line keeping it from happening in your neighborhood!

  2. Jerry…

    amazing you can be so vocal with a mouth full of your own foot… i too have felt the tragic effects… but that does not mean we should all be perpetuating half truths, lies, and stereotypes to justify those uninformed trigger happy fools that see such tragedies as an opportunity to find a poster child to blame to further their own agenda… lets not forget that amidst all the chaos and tragedy some are making money from it in spades… the more chaos and tragedy the more profits there are to be had… you think folks weren’t trading gold like bandits the moment 9/11 happened???

  3. Dumbass,

    How is my foot in my mouth? I’ve perpetrated no lies, half truths or stereotypes. I know that during WWII that not all Japanese were kamikazes, but “all” kamikazes were Japanese. So if I discuss “Japanese” Kamikazes, am I stereotyping the Japanese? Of course not, it is a fact that most if not all Kamikazes were Japanese. Just like when you see the news about the latest beheading or suicide bombing it is “mostly” people of a certain persuasion. And it isn’t the local TESCO cashiers union. And you know that. So I don’t feel that it is racism or stereotyping to point that fact out.

    As far as certain political types using this to further their own agenda, you’re correct. But that is entirely a different topic. That’s always happened and it always will. That being said, appeasement is not the way to deal with terrorist or any other group that doesn’t mind killing civilians in mass. I personally wish that all the leaders would get together and fight it out instead of sending people like me to die.

    If Hitler had not been appeased in the beginning, WWII and its tragedies may not have happened. But “too” many people like you want to give a second, third or fourth chance to people that only want you dead. How many chances are appropriate until you do something? I don’t know what “effect” you’ve felt, but if you haven’t lost someone close to you, you really can’t comment.

    And on profits from war and tragedy, well that’s a fact of life also. Every war or tragedy in all of history has always had someone coming out on top and with a fat profit. But still I fail to understand why you think that we should have let Hitler rule Europe and kill as many Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and Slavs as he felt like, just because General Motors would make a “profit” selling tanks to the government. Sounds stupid to me too.

  4. I like the trains.. i wnat to ride them ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> *gets out my cowboy hat* yeehaA!

  5. Dumbass,

    Are you still here?

    A suicide bomber walked into a crowd of teens today at a mall and blew himself up, killing and injuring the kids around him.

    What do you think should be done? Send a box of candy to the group that claimed responsibility?

    I don’t understand people like you. You criticize those that act and try to stop this, but you don’t offer a solution on how you would stop these animals. These are a group of people that want you dead so bad, they are willing to kill themselves to kill you or your lived ones, how do you sit down and make ends meet them? They don’t want to talk, thy just want you dead.

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