Apple updates Mac OS X Tiger’s DVD Player with ‘DVD Playback Update 4.6.1’ release

Apple today released DVD Playback Update 4.6.1 addresses a disc validation issue some users may encounter when attempting to play a disc for the first time with DVD Player 4.6. This update is recommended for all users of DVD Player 4.6.

The update is available via Mac OS X’s Software Update utility or as a standalone installer from

More info and download link (1.2MB) here.


  1. wow! the most exciting news i’ve heard in years!!

    c’mon, coulda waited for Software Update to tell me that!!!

    first again. geez i’m good.

  2. One bug which is annoying is that the windows freeze, and can only be unfrozen when either closing the app, or activating Exposé to show all windows. Another bug is that the window shadows on inactive windows disappear, but then reappear when the window is activated. Mail is dead, both 2.0 and 2.0.1. I think it’s the security update that did it, because reinstalling 10.4 fixes it, but then adding the security update kills it again. Those are the most obvious…

  3. twdldee,

    did you repair permission before installing the security update? always a good idea. have your tried moving the mail.plist to your desktop/trash and restarting mail? this may fix your problem.

    i agree there are a few annoyances like way more spinning beach balls than with 10.3 to 10.3.9. but all of this is really minor, in my book atleast. i prefer not having to worry about viruses and malware.

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  5. Neil…

    i have been shamed. you have proven what a sham i really am. i had nothing noteworthy to comment or add to the fact that Apple released an update to their DVD Playback software. surely, i should have written a sonnet… an ode to “DVD Playback” perhaps? something flowing and flowery in iambic pentameter? no? too common? then a haiku…

    DVD Playback,
    “The Matrix” on my iMac,
    Alas, it wont play.

    would that have been more to your liking? i’m sorry that my first post was so lacking in content as to cause you possible irritation…

    AWWWW C’MON!! something noteworthy to say on the topic of a DVD Playback Update?! gimme a break!! was my comment noteworthy, no. a bit juvenile with it’s “i’m first!” comment? yeah, but hey… this IS MDN. compared to a great deal of the things written here, it was downright mature! was it brief? duh! if it were long i woudn’t have been first!

    and yes, “Tempus Fugit” is my MDN handle, moniker, nom de plume, what have you. and now that you’ve enlightened us with your knowlege of the band “Yes” and thrilled us with a defination of what my name means, what have YOU to say on the subject of a “DVD Playback Update 4.6.1 release”?! mind you… make it noteworthy, make it momentous and please, by all means, make it interesting!!

  6. OK, so Mail isn’t F-d up, there was some weird interaction with the ~/Library/Quicktime third party components, so I dumped them and reset my Mac for the third time this year, and everything’s now OK. Which reminds me, there’s probably alot of junk piled up in my Library (~/Library, that is) so I guess it’s time for some spring cleaning…

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