Merrill Lynch: Mac sales ‘appear robust,’ expects futher evidence of ‘iPod Halo Effect’

“Merrill Lynch said that based on channel checks… Macintosh sales ‘appear robust’ and expects to see further evidence of the halo effect when Apple Computer reports fiscal third-quarter earnings. ‘Our checks suggest that iMac sales improved following a refresh and that PowerBooks have been popular with recent graduates,'” Forbes reports.

Full article here.

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  1. does anyone have troy wolverton’s email? i say we inundate him with all of the latest analysis from analyst that actually did some work to see how well apples doing, instead of base it on a report from one oem supplier.

  2. My two neices (twins) both got iPod’s this past Xmas and love ’em. this fall they are both going to college and have just ordered thier new iBook’s for the fall semester. Textbook iPod Halo effect. (they are even dumping their two Dell laptops that they had). I must now send them some kool-aid

  3. theStreet for the most part has some very good information on it. I especially like Jim Cramer’s in-your-face analysis, and his bullishness on Apple earlier in the year. If he has backed off that stand, I would assume that he wants to take a little “off the table” during the turbulent next year (intel switch). He cares about money.

    These guys don’t think (I haven’t read the Wolverton article though) in terms of Apple is doomed, or Dell is King. They think in terms of earnings and losses. My personal thought is that iPod sales with cool off ever so slightly (still king of hill though), Powermacs will start to get long in the tooth (PPC on the way out, no PCI Express, I question resale value once Mactel becomes reality), OS X will slowly penetrate more.

    There isn’t anything in the next quarter or two that makes me think that Apple stock could go up 5 points (my minumum for me to invest, I’m a pretty safe investor).

    But, once Pentium M Powerbooks, iBooks, and an upgraded Mini appear on shelves, Apple stock will skyrocket again. Just my thoughts.

    Apple needs to get OS X on TV, and quick. It’s downright silly to have the best product yet not be aggressive in marketing it.

  4. ” especially like Jim Cramer’s in-your-face analysis, and his bullishness on Apple earlier in the year.”

    Cramer is great. He had the top 10 Walmart killers on his program and named Apple as one of them in the digital music space. I think the guy is still mostly positive on AAPL.


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