E.U. looks to create single European rights system for online music

“In a bid to boost the region’s lagging online music business, the European Commission Thursday proposed a single Europe-wide copyright and licensing system for online music,” MarketWatch reports. “Simplifying Europe’s copyright and licensing rules will make copyrights cheaper for artists to obtain, the Commission said.”

MarketWatch reports, “Musicians make money from their music by registering copyrights with collective rights managers. The collective rights managers then license songs to online services, radio stations, discotheques, and other outlets. This process is complex and expensive. Artists must secure copyrights in each of the European Union’s 25 member states. Online music services including Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes… then have to obtain Internet licenses from each collective rights manager… The Commission said it will create a single system governing online music rights by working with the collective rights managers, not by creating a ‘super-regulator.'”

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  1. If you know your history you’ll understand that the Europe Confederation is permanently and sadly stuck in 1783. Maybe one day they’ll decide to create a workable government rather than goverance by paralysis.

    MDN Magic Word: “together”, how ironic when talking about the EU.

  2. Once podcast gains momentum and bands want to be reviewed by the podcasters, we’ll see a rush to self publishing and loyalty purchases where the fans will buy directly from their favorite group websites and skip the middle man and all these encryption methods will go

  3. Tommy Boy, Tommy Boy,

    At least we have discussion about how to found a European Government. We did not and will not need a Civil War to accomplish that.

    Just to finish it off, anything good that came out of the Bush lately in the US? Nah, don’t think so, unless you’re bearing the same type of fruits, which must taste like sour grapes to most people over there…

    By the way, decided that both USA and Europe suck in many ways, Asia is the place to live and to have a bright future.

    Remember as in Remember the Good Old Days

  4. Oh, forgot to mention, EU is a evolution of the EEC. This stands for European Economic Community, which has been a very, very successful pact indeed. Do I only have to mention Airbus in this context? Or do you need more examples?

    behind, as in: the US is getting behind

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