Dr. Bott goes along for ride as Apple soars with iPod

“In 1999, Eric Prentice was selling Macintosh computer accessories from a Southwest Portland basement with 6-foot ceilings. Today, he heads a company with 35 employees in an 18,000-square-foot office in Wilsonville. Annual sales top $20 million. The key to his success, the wildly popular iPod, sat on his desk on a recent morning, playing a John Mayer tune,” Julia O’Malley reports for The Oregonian.

“Prentice is chief executive officer of Dr. Bott. Along with a partner in Germany, the company distributes nearly 1,000 accessories for Macintosh computers and iPod digital music players to large and small retailers worldwide,” O’Malley reports. “The hottest segment of its inventory is iPod accessories, from leopard-print cases to bicycle holders. ‘When we started, it was a very dark time for Apple. A lot of people criticized us for doing Mac stuff,’ Prentice said. ‘We were in the right place at the right time. We never thought we would be where we are now.'”

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  1. And just who is this….”Dr. Bott”?

    Could it be….Satan?

    Naaaah. Last I heard he was flogging Dell DJ’s out the back of a truck in a rest stop in Joisey….

  2. It’s amazing that the Dr. is exposed to one of the world’s greatest brands and yet his brand looks like crap. That logo sucks so bad and can’t forget that horrible web site design. I guess good design doesn’t rub off.

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