Analysts expect Apple to post $3.33 billion in revenue for Q3-2005 on July 13

“Apple, which posts third-quarter results on July 13, is expected to earn 31 cents a share on $3.33 billion in revenue, according to analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call. During the same period a year ago, The company earned 9 cents a share on $2 billion in revenue,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

“The Mac maker recently streamlined its line of iPod music players, and the iPod will be in the spotlight once again when Apple delivers its results. Most analysts are estimating Apple will post sales of 5.4 million to 5.5 million units, a potentially 540% increase from the 860,000 music players it sold a year ago,” Crum reports. “Keith Bachman of Banc of America Securities is also expecting Apple’s total number of Macintosh shipments to rise between 26% and 28% over last year’s 876,000 units. Bachman said that if Apple hits those targets, it should be enough to give a mildly positive boost to the company’s stock.”

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  1. Well it’s good to hear that their marketshare is still climbing! Even though I’m sure if they stuck on their PowerPC path the numbers would be even higher. Apple must have some really damn good reasons to switch now.

  2. “Bachman said that if Apple hits those targets, it should be enough to give a mildly positive boost to the company’s stock.”

    Why bother? Last time the company’s financials were unbelievably good and the stock went down.

    Oh I get it.. you’re ignoring the Mac story? got it..


  3. Not true, mr. INVESTED….if you recall it went up $9 after last October, and $7 after the January reports. Now the April quarter, that was rather friggin’ annoying…..still haven’t recovered from that one. And yet, the company is doing better than ever. The entire stock market is built on imaginary money and false pretences. You’re not investing in the worth of a company, rather trying to do the opposite of what all the other stockholders are thinking.

  4. Got it right there Mr Burrito, those brokers are sure fiesty fellows.

    They were shooting up aapl stock when pods were selling less than 1 M / quarter and the halo effect was not apparent. Now that the predictions have come true, the guys dumped the stock.

    Got to ride with the wave – unfortunately I need the stock to go to 40 for me to join in.

  5. The stock dropped last April because the Apple VP said, and this is a shocker, that we may not be able to sustain the current year over year growth rates (what can’t keep up a 500% increase, and you call yourself a company and I call myself an analyst – sell sell sell). Stupid analysist beat down the stock because of that. This time around no one would be shocked to hear that Apple will not continue 500% year over year growth for much longer and their attention will be taken away from that if Mac sales are over 1mil units for a seasonally slow quarter.

    At 30 billion in market cap, Apple has a lot of room to grow if it can capture more computer sales and get to that double digit market share again. I hope so. MS has a market cap of over 270 billion for reference.

    When Windows users complain to me about spyware and viruses, I always give them that what are you talking about look, and then the oh I forgot what that was like, yeah I got a iBook last December. You still dealling with that stuff? (I’ve been a Mac user since Word 3.0 was introduced [1987 for those who forgot])

  6. It’s hard to tell if the stock will do well. I guess it depends on whether people think that iPod sales can still increase or if they’ve reached maximum saturation.

  7. The earnings estimates of financial analysts are part of a sick game in which a “successful” company must not only earn a healthy profit, but must out-do itself quarter after quarter to stay in the good graces of the analysts, whose pronouncements are taken more seriously than the financial results they’re commenting on. That’s ridiculous!

  8. alansky,

    Agreed. And very difficult to deal with. Since the bust, the stock market is essentially dead and a poor barometer to judge the health of a company. Thank goodness Apple doesn’t react irratically to its stock fluctuations, otherwise they’d be in a bad habit of layoffs and cheapened products.

    Housing is the new stock market, and the old stock market is simply the new Atlantic City.

  9. alansky,

    This is why shortsighted CEOs fail their companies and why CFOs fudge numbers – no one is thinking of long term viability.

    This instant gratification society we’ve become will be our financial and environmental demise (among other things).

  10. “Even though I’m sure if they stuck on their PowerPC path the numbers would be even higher”

    You’re sure huh? What’s your proof of this?
    Don’t have any? Then you must be an analyst.
    Personally I think you are talking out of your ass in a continued knee jerk response to the Intel shift. Steve’s smarter than you. Get over it.

  11. What is actually amazing is that in the 2 slowest quarters of the year Apple will beat last years same quarter numbers by 500% again.

    Fact is Apple have sold ~11M ipods in the last 6 months. That’s a doubling of potential iTMS users plus switchers to the Mac platform.

    What will Apple be able to acheive in the next 2 quarters? 10M and 15M ipods? Who knows.

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