Microsoft allies with Toshiba on HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray Disc backers Apple and Sony

“In an expansion of their alliance, Microsoft and Toshiba said Monday they plan to develop high-definition DVD players together, cross-license technologies and cooperate in designing new models of mobile personal computers,” Yuri Kageyama reports for The Associated Press.

“The deal, announced by Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates and Toshiba Corp. president Atsutoshi Nishida, is a big win for the HD-DVD format in its competition against another technology called Blu-ray Disc, which is backed by Sony Corp. and Apple Computers [sic] Inc., to become the world standard for next-generation of DVD players,” Kageyama reports. “Blu-ray has more capacity, with 50 gigabytes, compared to 30 gigabytes for HD-DVD disks. But proponents of HD-DVD say their format is cheaper to make because the production method is similar to current DVDs.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple and Sony are on the side of the better technology while Microsoft goes with the cheap, second-rate “solution.” How typical is that?


  1. Remember what happened to the better standard Betamax when the cheaper VHS came along. They need content, though, and both Sony and S.J. have clout in the content business.
    An additional hope is that HD-DVD is backed by MS, and MS never showed to have a clue about the hardware business.

  2. I may have to side with Sony on this one. They are at least working hard to make their DVD’s hold more and better data because of their need to get it into their broadcast cameras.

    IMX is already DVD based.

  3. Apple’s upcoming vPod will make disc format arguments irrelevant as far as movies are concerned. 500GB capacity up to 500 movies in glorious H-264.

  4. Just got a HDTV and though regular DVDs are quite impressive on the screen, there is a definite need for a HD DVD format now. The industry is being incredily slow about this. At this rate it is going to be 5 years before the new DVD format gets cheap enough for the average punter like myself gets to afford one!

  5. Let us remember, however… that Toshiba was right the first time, and DVD became their invention, whereas we got Playstation out of Sony’s first stab. I can’t see this working out in MS’s favor, since there are already tons of companies on the Blu-Ray campaign, but we shall see. h.264 already pounded WMV-HD at the video consortium, so yeah, MS doesn’t get it.

  6. Either format will work great with the complete line of Apple hardware and software. I wouldn’t worry about this one folks.

    Honestly, people always go for the cheaper product if it is “good enough”. I agree that the name “HD-DVD” is way more marketable too.

  7. Who needs a 30 Gb or 50 Gb DVD? We have one good quality movie on half a DVD (4.7 Go).
    If you put your whole life on a HD or blue-ray DVD, you would lost your whole life in half second.

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