Report: Apple and Motorola launch iTunes mobile phone on Tuesday

“Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, and his counterpart, Motorola’s Ed Zander, will launch the iTunes phone on Tuesday. This mobile telephone, code named ‘Key Largo,’ will have the form of the E398 model from Motorola. It is equipped with Apple’s mobile version of iTunes. The color of the phone will be white, like the first iPods. It will be available as of July 4, Independence Day in the United States. The first version will be able to record a hundred songs,” Marc Cherki and Emmanuel Torregano reports for Le Figaro.

Full article here.

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  1. I just dont get this one, so I can listen to music on my phone, but I cant carry very much and it will suck the battery life from the phone in a nano second

    I think I will stick with my iPod and phone


  2. I feel like I’m betraying someone saying this, but…um… I’m kinda’ sick of white. Phew… what a load off! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    MDN word: “member,” as in ‘member when there were colors besides white? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. itunes phone?

    this is just a phone with an mp3 player app on it.

    my samsung does that and has done for nearly a year now.

    when we have an apple phone -= thats when we can be totally satisfied…

    MDN word – ‘expected’ as in – i ‘expected’ more… the apple / moto phone is what i ‘expected’.

  4. I could give a rats a** about a phone with iTunes (or any other music capabilities). However, I would love to have a phone that had great sync capabilities with a Mac. Say Address Book, iCal, Mail, and OK iTunes too.

  5. Oh, yeah. I doubt the phone will only be white. I’m sure that if anything it would copy either the Powerbook color, or even more likely, it would be available in the same colors (give or take a few) as the iPod Mini.

  6. This is just a toss on the wall to see if it will stick. If it does, expect iCon to introduce the “real” Apple mobile/ipod/Newtonlike device in 12 months.

    Whooo! {he sits, feeling light headed}

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”surprised” style=”border:0;” />

  7. Come Tuesday, everyone will be thinking, why didn’t I think about that, and all MS and other cell phone programmers will be going into overdrive to implement the feature.

    May be this is just a wishful thinking on my part.

  8. Here is the full translation

    MUSIC Steve Jobs attacks itself to the market of the movable telephone
    Apple and Motorola launch the portable iPhone

    Marc Cherki and Emmanuel Torregano
    [ June 24 2005]


    After the success of the ipod, number one of the portable ones of numerical music sold to 15,5 millions of unities in the world, Steve Jobs, apple president, and his counterpart and friend of Motorola, Ed Zander, will launch Tuesday the iphone. This movable telephone, in the name of code «Key Largo», will have the form of the model E398 of Motorola. It is equipped software iTunes apple, adapted for a portable one. White color ivoire, as the first iPods, it will be marketed as early as July 4, anniversary day of the independence of the united States. The first version will be able to record about one hundred songs.

    This device will allow maybe to do to take off the market of the music downloading on a movable telephone. The photograph function numerical already was democratized to the assistance of the portable ones. The industrial ones and the officers of the music hope to renew this exploit in the music. Apple did not sign for the moment that an alone cooperation agreement with his compatriot Motorola for his software iTunes that popularized the usage of its portable numerical one.

    An American operator accepted marketing the iphone. Its subscribers will be able to download directly a music piece on the site iTunes apple. The firm to the apple sells every song 99 hundred when the operators habitually market their music between 2 and 3 Euros. This portable risk therefore to reduce their margins and to provoke a tollé.

    To launch the iphone, Steve Jobs took his stick of pilgrim in order to convince mobile communication operators. But little of them accepted launching itself in the adventure and to fold itself to the apple conditions. In France, Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom did not again decide to open their network to the device concocted by Apple and Motorola. SFR, affiliate of Vivendi Universal and of Vodafone, show the strongest resistance to the iphone. SFR has just concluded a license agreement with NRJ to propose the service NRJ Movable that aims in priority the music sale with the young ones. Steve Jobs had had more successes, before the launch of the ipod, in 2001, while obtaining the agreement of officers of the disc, of Bono, the singer of the group U2, and even of Mick Jagger.

    The launch of the iphone took delay, for the two industrial Americans refined their protection system of rights of authors. The first device of Motorola is endowed with a removable memory of 512 mégaoctets, be the are equivalent 80 to 120 music pieces. The number two world-wide one of the portable ones envisions to market a version with a hard disc of a capacity of 1 000 songs to the first part of the year 2006. The iphone also will be able to connect itself to a stereo chain, to a computer (to the assistance of a taken USB) or even to a car radio.

    The apple support should give again a momentum to the sales of Motorola that abandoned his place of number one to the Finnish Nokia. The firm directed by Ed Zander does to hound itself by the industrial south korean one. Samsung temporarily swiped for him the second world-wide place of the manufacturers of portable ones the last year.

  9. Yeah, the title is catchy, but the book didn’t make a convincing argument of the Con part. If indeed that was an intention. Crybaby, whiner, hypocrite, ego maniac, selfish yeah, they gave references to these things. Icon, yes. I mean do any of really believe Steve Jobs sat down and personally invented the Mac, or the iPod? The book seems to make reference to how people percieve him as the guy who invents everything from Toy Story to the iPod. As if this perception is because he went out and stole credit for it all. But I never recall him claiming any of that. That said there is no doubt in my mind that any of these inventions would not be what they became if it were not for Steve Jobs. The book never argued otherwise, either, so how exactly has he conned anyone. Yeah, he is an icon, which means in this case: A person or thing representitive of something. Steve Jobs is and has always been representitive of the overall carefully orchestrated experience that we derive from the products Apple makes.

    Orchestrated is a good word for this. Steve Jobs is like an amazing conductor. No he didn’t write the music and isn’t playing an instrument, but he is brilliant at making all the different people playing all those different instruments come together in a way that I don’t think just anybody can.

  10. pointyhairboss, I’m with you…

    Do you hold the receiver to your ear to listen? Do you listen through a phone earpiece, in mono? What happens when you get a call – does the music pause, or do you have to quickly grab the thing and switch modes? Earpiece jacks are not the same as minijacks that can be plugged into any audio input – will the new phones have minijacks? Do I have to refrain from listening to music so as not to drain the battery for the important call I’m waiting on?

    Why do people want this?

  11. “…Why do people want this?”

    George Carlin said it best:

    “You nail together two things that have never been nailed together before, and some shmuck will buy it from you”

  12. A somewhat better translation can be had by use of the French to Engish translation in Sherlock. You still get “numerical” instead of “digital,” though. You also get enough of other peculiarities to make it entertaining – like 99 hundreds and a USB catch.

    The best solution is to join the cultured elite and learn French.

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