The good, the bad, and the ugly of Apple’s .Mac service; is it worth the $100?

“When looking over Apple’s .Mac service I always come to the same conclusion: ‘Cool features, good implementation but for $100 it’s just not worth it.’ And that’s a really big problem. Because iDisk has the chance to be so much more and if Apple doesn’t get a move on it then Google is going to come in and snatch up this glowing opportunity. But I will leave Google and their ambitions for another article. Instead lets focus on what .Mac does well, where it could improve and whether or not any of that will ever happen,” James R. Stoup writes for Apple Matters.

Stoup explains why he considers the Mail, address book, Sync, and the Support and learning center features of .Mac to be “the good,” Homepage and iCards to be “the bad,” and Bookmarks, iDisk and backup to be “the ugly.”

Stoup also looks at ways he’d improve .Mac in his full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Everyone uses .Mac a little bit differently. Some people see the Backup feature as invaluable. Some people love Homepage and build extensive sites using this .Mac feature. Almost everybody agrees that 250MB of iDisk storage (combined iDisk and .Mac Mail) is too little.

Are you a .Mac member? What do you like/dislike about .Mac? If you aren’t a .Mac member, why not?

Anyone can take the .Mac tour to see the features offered here.


  1. I use it primarily for sync. I pay the extra to get more storage, so I agree more storage would be great.

    If you have more than one mac, you have to get .mac! It is hard to see how useful it is till you try it, then the price seems great. If you have one mac, then it does not seem like it would be worth the price – at least in my opinion.

  2. I dumped my .mac address when they started charging for it. I’m already being ripped $45 a month for my Roadrunner broadband. Too much money is going out for internet services. There’s just nothing about .mac that makes it worth another $100 a year. I’d rather spend that money toward some shiny new hardware. I just might get a G5 this weekend. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I’m on my third year of .Mac, but will probably cancel after this year. The limited benefits just don’t seem to justify the cost. Backup is cool, and is probably the most useful feature, but is not sufficient to backup my whole computer. If I have to backup everything some other way anyway, why should I pay for this?

  4. I love .Mac. I use backup to burn DVD backups of my syste (because I don’t trust placing my files online). I can’t wait for the next version of backup. I like having an email account that seamlessly integrates into Mail and is available through a web browser. I use iCards to send out party invitations, Mother’s/Father’s day cards, and birthday cards. I use Homepage to upload my photos from iPhoto to share with friends and family (although I wish it were a little friendlier with HTML created externally and that it supported Blogs). The Address Book has been a lifesaver. I don’t think I’ve ever used Bookmarks. $100 for a year is less than $9/month, which at last check is cheaper than AOL. I’ve been hoping they would expand this .Mac service to have new features once Tiger arrived, but apparently this won’t happen until they have a certain number of users upgraded.

  5. I can’t see apple upping idisk space to anything above 1 gb. The guy suggests apple provides 100 gb of space for backup – it would be great but the cost of this would be astronomical. He also quotes you can get a 160 gb drive from compUSA for 100 bucks – the cheapest external drives are 125.

    I use .Mac for:
    contacts / calender sync
    hosting my web site (~200 mb).

    For me that’s worth 100 buck but I could do with more disk space

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