Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement address ‘a remarkable event’

“Steve Jobs is by far the most charismatic figure in Silicon Valley, a region big on charisma and ego,” Garry Barker writes for The Sydney Morning Herald. “Remember, if you will, Larry Ellison’s exploits at the helm of his MiG-21, telling the San Jose town council that if they didn’t like the noise of his afterburners he would happily move Oracle, and its jobs, elsewhere.”

“Jobs doesn’t fly a MiG and has always shunned personal publicity, shielding his wife and children from the prying eyes of the media. Any action by the press that might be interpreted as “intrusion” into his privacy is soundly rebuffed and remembered,” Barker writes.

“Thus his recent speech at Stanford University was a remarkable event, important to anyone who seeks to understand what made Apple, and Silicon Valley, what they are today,” Barker writes. “Here was Jobs, widely seen as the supreme egotist and perfectionist, wearing jeans and sandals beneath an academic robe, talking about his personal failings and fears and revealing a sensitive, even humble, man behind the ogreish image.”

Full article here.

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