Fortune columnist doubts Apple CEO Jobs will let Michael Dell sell OS X anytime soon

“Many in the tech world are excited about the possibility that Apple’s Mac OS X might get more popular in the wake of CEO Steve Jobs’ decision to move the software to Intel’s hardware. My exclusive report last week that Michael Dell said his company would be interested in selling machines loaded with OS X only fueled the fires,” David Kirkpatrick writes for Fortune.

“While Dell’s interest is newsworthy, I doubt Jobs will let him sell OS X anytime soon. The Apple CEO has said he won’t, though in the past he has been known to say that he won’t do things right up until he does them. And such a move would be challenging for Apple financially. That’s because, for all of the company’s software smarts, its revenues are still heavily reliant upon computer hardware,” Kirkpatrick writes.

Full article here.

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  1. A lot more sanity contained in this article than in the article postulating that Apple will turn into a software company.

    I am SURE Dell would like to sell OS X for their boxes, Almight Macs able to run ANY operating system have a very simple, punchy, and easy to understand advantage. They are gonna blow a hole a mile wide in Dell and other Windows only box maker’s sales.

  2. Apple won’t have a choice.

    Microsoft’s share will increase as more Apple users begin to install window’s on their intel mac. Windows will now have the advantage of being able to run on all brands of PC’s.

    Apple needs to be able to do the same to compete. Hackers will be installing it anyway for free so why not make money from it.

    Sure, hardware sales will take a hit, but in the long run it is the software, stupid, that will make them a bigger company. This is how Steve will get close to beating Billy.

    Microsoft did well selling software only, stupid.

    Yes, I am aware that Apple will run into problems with having OS X running on different hardware, but then customers could buy the total package if they wanted to solve compatibility issues: Mac hardware with Mac software.

  3. methinks Kirkpatrick is writing this for those who aint all that famililar with Apple or Jobs.

    …that or he’s gotta justify a paycheck by producing…. SOMETHING.

  4. This is an amazing backdoor approach to selling Macs to Windows users.

    Apple claimed that they won’t prevent it from happening, but they also said that they won’t support it… let the buyer beware.

    Those that do buy it to run Windowsose will surely take a look at OS X out of curiousity. Many will like what they see and decide to keep it the way it is. Those that don’t and use it as a Windows machine will always have the install disks to fall back to when they get fed up and realize what they are missing.

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