RUMOR: Apple prepping Backup 3 ‘Predator’ – major upgrade for .Mac members

“Apple is readying Backup 3, a major upgrade to the backup software included with the company’s .Mac internet services, Think Secret has learned. The company is currently testing the new version, code-named Predator, which will incorporate a number of new features,” Nick dePlume reportss for Think Secret.

dePlume reportss, “In Backup 3, users will be able to create and customize multiple ‘plans’ for each backup destination, such as an iDisk, hard drive, or removable media; earlier versions of Backup allow only a single plan for each target location. (Backup plans, called ‘sets’ in the current release, specify the files that should be backed up, where the backup should go, and when it should take place.)

Backup 3 will also feature incremental backups and other new features which dePlume covers in the full article here.


  1. Fron TS: “Other features will provide users will greater flexibility in backing up their files. For example, users will be able to backup data from several different Macs to a single iDisk. “

    Finally! Eventhough my G5 and laptop share same files, there are many files that don’t need to be on the other computer and can at last be backed up separately. Can’t wait for 3….

  2. Even tho I am a .Mac member I have just continued using Super Duper. Anybody here use the .Mac Backup software and can tell me what they think of it?

    I wonder if this will allow syncing between networked computers? I have been planning on using Chronosync between my laptop and desktop once I get back from vacation and my Powermac arrives but maybe this will do the trick.

  3. A looked at Backup 2 and found that it was very limited, but mainly I didn’t want to get used to something that would stop working if I ever decided to lapse my .Mac membership. I went with Super Duper and am quite happy with it.

  4. I’ve been using Backup for quite a while now. It has worked as advertised, but as others have mentioned, it’s pretty limited features wise. But, it has done the job well for me.

  5. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” /> I’ve used backup for awhile – I have tried other apps (prior to going to Tiger) – nothing out is compatible with it yet (though I’ve heard Carbon Copy Cloner is close). I agree, there needs to be something better than backup – no incremental, only one set, image backup doesn’t work…maybe I can soon take my sticky note off my iMac – “Need good backup app”

  6. The added feature of incremental backups and greater storage flexibility is what I need.

    I have ~ 40 gigs of data spanning two macs, multiple partitions. Whilst retrospect is good, it’s a pain in the arse to set up. Backup 3 may allow me to finally properly backup all my music, data, user folders onto DVD-RW on both computers, without having issues with the setup and having to start from scratch.

    iDisk doesn’t work for me as a backup source, though I do use it for web sharing.

  7. The exclusive .mac Widgets that were supposed to be “Coming Soon”? Just before the WWDC, the .mac site was updated and all mention of it went away.

  8. Screw Backup 3!!! Who cares?!!!! Give me freaking Web-based email with some basic features like formatted text and emoticons. And while your at it, how about integrating email, calendar, etc. into a unified interface that is full-featured online like what MSN has. And most importantly, give me a home page that isn’t full of Apple info and has some useful links and tools like MSN, AOL, Exite, Yahoo home pages, but is specifically for Mac users. Going to .mac online is one big YAWN and barely worth the $99/yr.

  9. I use Backup and have for a while. Yes it’s limited but I tried a few others and Backup was the only one I found that could handle open files. All the others cracked the sh*ts. Some even terminating the backup! Yep -not even skipping, just terminating. Sheesh!

    These new features will make Backup a very powerful and competitive tool.

  10. Screw Backup 3!!! Who cares?!!!! Give me freaking Web-based email

    Um.. what part of ‘let’s not foolishly piss of MS too much’ do you not understand?

    Poking fun at Longhorn is one thing.. But entering a market which MS dominates.. for what? Just to show off how good Apple is at writing software? Or web development? What could they gain from this?

  11. I don’t see any point use software such as Backup which is tied to .Mac membership especially since (what is called) broadband sucks DownUnder. Carbon Copy Cloner seems sufficiently flexible and useful that I can’t do without it! The author (Mike Bombich, is a true software saint!

    MW is section as I have to do my backup in sections since I have 5 partitions on my laptop … one day I hope to cut down to 3 partitions!
    (e.g. primary OS, secondary OS, user files)

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