RUMOR: Apple working on spreadsheet application called ‘Numbers’ for iWork

“Rumors that Apple Computer have been quietly developing its own spreadsheet solution gained a dab of credibility this week as sources pointed to a revealing company filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider. “Just two days after requesting a trademark on the word ‘Mactel,’ which seemingly describes the convergence of Macintosh design with Intel hardware, Apple on June 8th filed for a standard character mark on the word ‘Numbers.'”

Marsal reports, “Described only vaguely by the filing as ‘computer software,’ Numbers may pertain to Apple’s recently released graphing calculator application. However, the company in recent months has filed for other marks that more accurately describe that application, such as ‘Graphulator’ and ‘Grapher’ — that latter of which is used in the shipping version. Instead, Numbers appears to conform nicely to the naming scheme used by Apple to describe the components of its relatively new iWork productivity suite. Consisting of only two applications, the iWork bundle includes presentation software called ‘Keynote’ and a word processor dubbed ‘Pages.'”

Full article here.

More info about Apple’s iWork here.


  1. What would the database application consist of, if Apple decided to truly take on the PC version of Office, or alternately, a replacement for AppleWorks? Would they bundle a ‘lite’ version of FileMaker?

  2. What’s the reason? They can’t possibly generate a spreadsheet program as powerful as Excel. Why aren’t they working on something similar to Access, but cheaper than FileMaker Pro?

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