Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ ultimate goal: ‘to take back the computer business from Microsoft’

“‘True to his prediction, Apple Chief Executive and co-founder Steve Jobs returned to work a little more than a month after his surgery for pancreatic cancer in August 2004,” Cecil Johnson writes for Knight Ridder. “Jeffrey S. Young and William L. Simon, co-authors of ‘iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business,’ describe the recuperating Jobs as exuding enthusiasm and being closed-mouthed about the ordeal, ‘The reason for Steve’s returning to work so quickly after surgery became clear in a few months: Apple was building a collection of new products that was designed to play off the success of the iPod, chasing after an outlandish Stevian dream: to take back the computer business from Microsoft.'”

Johnson writes, “Reflecting on Jobs’ achievements, the authors point out that 11 years after being forced out of Apple, Jobs returned and rescued it from a downward spiral, led Pixar to produce a string of animated movies that captivated parents and children, and revitalized the music industry and catapulted it into a digital future. ‘Yet there’s one more battle he wants to win. It has nothing to do with money, fame, or glory. Like all the best fights, this one is personal. Steve Jobs is going to best Bill Gates. This fight is Shakespearean, elemental, and emotional; watching it unfold should be the most fascinating business story of this young millennium,’ Young and Simon write.”

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  1. “As long as PCs remain condescending, passive-aggressive and spiteful co-workers, I’ll tolerate them but I won’t like them.”

    what a great quite

    me like

  2. The gloves are coming off…Visionary vs. Geek, The Thrilla of Siliconilla. I hope Gates can pull Balmer’s bald monkey head out of his ass long enough to fight. It ain’t gonna be pretty folks, but if Stevo says “it’s on,” you can believe it’s on <vbg>

  3. Jobs has already won this fight. His company is consistently held up as an example of excellence, while Gates’ company is consistently lambasted for its shortcomings. Apple is the silk purse, Microsoft is the pig’s ear.

  4. perfusionista,

    I have to say you only got that half right. Apple is consistently upheld as an example of excellence, while Microsoft is consistently upheld as a very successful business. M$ products may be mediocre at best, but the company itself is highly regarded in a business sense.

  5. If that is the case pefusionista, then we must all anxiously wait to see if Bill Gates is REALLY a winner. Because if he is, then of course he will be able to turn the pig’s ear that is Windows, into a silk purse comparable to OSX.

    Methinks it will be just another steer’s ear!

  6. justified: I think you’ll find the operative word regarding MS as an outstanding business example is “was”… there is recognition that it is under big pressure. And you know what they say: the bigger they are the harder the fall..

    Have a good day too Rob!

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