Microsoft warns of critical Windows flaws; unaffected Mac users just continue working

“Windows users are being urged to download the latest security updates from Microsoft to fix critical flaws. The software giant has warned that three loopholes affecting Windows and Internet Explorer allow an attacker to take control of a personal computer,” BBC News reports.

“Seven other updates have also been released to address less serious problems in its software. Microsoft has been trying to improve the security of its software, releasing regular monthly security bulletins,” BBC News reports. “The most serious flaws affect Windows and Internet Explorer and could be exploited by a malicious hacker to take over a computer system. The other patches affect Windows, the Exchange server system, services for the Unix operating system, Microsoft’s Interactive Training software for Windows, and ISA server, a network firewall program.”

Vulnerable Software:
• Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003
• Internet Explorer
• Windows Web Client Service
• Exchange Server
• Outlook Express
• Windows Interactive Training
• Microsoft Agent
• Windows Telnet Client
• Microsoft ISA Server 2000

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Stockholm Syndrome really might be the only way left to explain it.

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  1. I don’t know a single PC user who has not been forced to deal with periodic virus infestations….it is just considered normal procedure to have to send the computer into “the shop” every 6 months or so for “cleaning.” And yet people are incredulous when I tell them that Mac OSX has had a grand total of zero viruses….(although some of them are also equally incredulous that macs can play MP3s or access the internet!)

  2. For those who want to blame and sue Microshaft for hackers attacking PeeCees: do you sue Ford if someone nicks your Galaxy?

    I prefer Mac, too, but fer fecks sake people, get a grip.

  3. Winchester, it is personal anecdotes like yours that keep this arguement alive. On the one hand, my local geek always has a shop full of work. On the other hand, the few dozen pc owners that I advise never have to go there, because it is so simple to prevent problems. I do advise anyone too lazy to spend a few minutes a month on maintenance, and who does not need any of the pc specific programs businesses need, to get a mac.

  4. ” I don’t know a single PC user who has not been forced to deal with periodic virus infestations….it is just considered normal procedure to have to send the computer into “the shop” every 6 months or so for “cleaning.” “

    ROFL. Biggins, you’re a BS merchant.

    I know NOBODY who’s ever had to do that or would consider that normal. And that includes my totally untechnical parents who use that security hole called Win 98.

    Yummy, FUD. It’s the new SPAM.

  5. Wow Hybrid, I must imagine all the lemmings who walk through the doors of PC World clutching their XP machines, saying things like “it’s slowed down to a crawl”, “I keep getting porn popping up”, “it keeps rebooting”, “it won’t startup properly”, “it’s asking me for xxx.dll” etc. etc.

    To say that you know NOBODY who does that must mean you stay in a locked room your whole life. Are you in prison?

    Silly little M$ apologists, always defending the indefensible.

  6. Tommy, who knows not cares not ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Seriously, if my machine were in any way affected by whatever malware/virus, it should be noticable. If something starts hogging memory or something like that, it is noticable. Those antivirusthingies are of course a ‘luxury’ that anybody would gladly do without, but they DO work.

    Maybe you’ve just invented the concept for a new type of virus, though: the virus that attacks and leaves without leaving a trace or damage.

    Mommyyyyyyyyyy!!! 😀

  7. Does everyone remember the fairytale about the boy and the dyke? He put his finger in the dike and stopped the Netherlands from being flooded.

    Microsoft has a new spin on that tale; they plug a leak (Service Pack 2) and seven more leaks appear. Glad I’ve got a Mac.

    Where’s Stantheman and Longhorn? Come on guys, nothing to say. Bloody wankers.

  8. Having been in the coputer world since 1964 – whew, long time- and “switching” to Mac in 1984 – I must admit that it surprises me that no one has ever pointed out the “Cult of M$” as they portend to do with The Cult of Mac..

    Machead died in the wool – even have a rainbow mac sticker on my car – have convinced major corporations and in-duh-viduals that Mac is the way to go and durn proud of it… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    As for fixes and ph*que-ups from M$ – wasn’t the tagline – at one time – “Where do you want to go today?” When you are stuck in the mud and up to your rump in spagetti how can you go anywhere…

    Read the articel mentioned about the Stockholm Syndrome – in fact, read all of the comments, too. VERY enlightening.

    As for me and my company (in four countries) we are all Mac – for Admin, Graphics, Research, Scientific Development and just plain work… we, however, do not have any gaming machines.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  9. I don’t understand why Microsoft can’t be held accountable for making such crappy software. In what other industry could you make a product with so many problems and NOT end up in court explaining why your product doesn’t live up to the claims made about it in it’s advertisements?

    Let face it, XP is an old operating system, not to mention Win98! how long before they can get the bleeding under control? Everyone has to fix bugs that arise, but Windows is all old code (with the exception of all the patches) and they still have loads of CRITICAL holes. In the 5 or 6 years Windows XP has been holding people back, you’d think MS would at least got that product all sewn up. As a company, MS’s quality track record is deplorable.

    Ditching WinXP for Mac OSX was the best move I’ve every made, and in the three years I’ve been using OSX, it’s only got better!

  10. Joe McConnell-

    I actually see your point and it is valid.
    But it is like telling people to floss, eat right and exercise…they know they should, but they don’t.

    I service 4 states worth of PCs, and it will NOT happen, plain & simple.

  11. Right wolf. So pc’s can be perfectly fine for some. Admitting that seems to be impossible for most here, which is ok, since it is a mac cheerleading forum. I have some different opinions about some of the issues herein since I started posting a couple years ago, but I remain neither an MS apologist or Stockholm Syndrome sufferer. Our pc’s have no more downtime than our (few) macs, cost a fraction of an equivalent mac would and have all the custom features we need.

    I am happy that Steve Jobs has dedicated his life to supplying pricey computers that are somewhat lacking in software options so that people don’t have to go through the necessary pc BS to get them to work. I LOVE competition, and anyone who puts Steve on a pedestal without putting Bill on one is missing the whole darn point.

  12. “Why put up with it you ask? For openers there are still many necessary programs that do not have Mac versions. ” – Joe McConnell.

    Sad but true Joe. I’m a manufacturing engineer that must periodically meet with vendors that come in to demonstrate various pieces of assembly equipment. Some of that equipment makes use of software – naturally Windows only. When I see that, I stare the sales personnel straight in the eye and ask where the Mac-version of the software is and let them sweat it out for a bit. They usually retort back with something like the small number of Macs out in the field. My reply is that each and every vendor is in part responsible for eliminating the choice that we in the manufacturing industry need to accomplish our tasks in the manner we feel is the most efficient.

    I point out the virus-rich “features” of Windows and how it frequently interferes with our operations and that the Mac is UNIX-based and currently has none. The bottom line I leave them with is that if they want my business, they better give me the options I require.

    The summary of my diatribe is: The more people that goad vendors who provide software about the need for choice, the more they will get the point. Eventually some may display a modicum of intelligence and provide the choice.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now. Hope this wasn’t too far off topic.

  13. Dear Joe Mc

    Ok I should have been consistent in my spelling of dyke or dike. Although both are correct (I actually checked the spelling in the Oxford dictionary which is a superior to digital spell checkers). Fair go though, it’s almost 2.00 A.M and I’m past my bedtime.

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