Microsoft warns of critical Windows flaws; unaffected Mac users just continue working

“Windows users are being urged to download the latest security updates from Microsoft to fix critical flaws. The software giant has warned that three loopholes affecting Windows and Internet Explorer allow an attacker to take control of a personal computer,” BBC News reports.

“Seven other updates have also been released to address less serious problems in its software. Microsoft has been trying to improve the security of its software, releasing regular monthly security bulletins,” BBC News reports. “The most serious flaws affect Windows and Internet Explorer and could be exploited by a malicious hacker to take over a computer system. The other patches affect Windows, the Exchange server system, services for the Unix operating system, Microsoft’s Interactive Training software for Windows, and ISA server, a network firewall program.”

Vulnerable Software:
• Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003
• Internet Explorer
• Windows Web Client Service
• Exchange Server
• Outlook Express
• Windows Interactive Training
• Microsoft Agent
• Windows Telnet Client
• Microsoft ISA Server 2000

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Stockholm Syndrome really might be the only way left to explain it.

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  1. Sputnik!? Come in, Sputnik! Over. Come in, Sputnik!

    Where are you, Sputnik? In the “real IT world”? Or furiously trying to patch your syste(s) once again?

    Perhaps the “soon-to-be-released” Longhorn will calm your fears and smooth your furrowed brow!

    Sputnik (and the losers of the world) UNITE!

  2. “Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003”

    Why don’t they just say it affects nearly all their products, cause they’re all just the same shitty spaghetti code?

    Honest to Goodness, do people actually put up with this crap? Where’s ‘stantheman’ with his usual ridiculous comments? What can he say about this?

    Micro$oft should be closed down, and Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates arrested for making crap software.

  3. Near the end of the article it states, “Last month, Microsoft announced plans to offer its own anti-virus and security updates for home computers, called Windows OneCare. The service would be on a yearly subscription basis, just like other anti-virus protection services.”

    I wonder how Microsoft will determine which fixes it will do for free and which ones they will charge for?

    Aren’t all viruses and spyware based on existing security weaknesses in the system? Why should the user be charged to have them fixed? I can understand paying a fee to fix something I did wrong with my computer like dropping it into the swimming pool, but it baffles me why I should pay for the manufacturer’s mistake.

    Perhaps Apple is missing an income revenue opportunity and should charge the user an annual fee to download 10.4.x upgrades especially if it involves security issues. Apparently, the general population is dumb enough to accept this behavior from computer manufacturers, although they’d be grabbin’ torches and pitchforks in mass if an auto manufacturer tried to charge them for a recall, regardless how small the fix, not to mention a fix that would involve safety and security.

  4. Yowza! I’m really tired of hearing these things. If I were a Windoze user I’d be sayin’, “What the f…!” Then I’d be looking for something different. Good Golly Miss Molly! Jesus, Mary and Joseph! What does it take to get Windoze users riled up? Are they so complacent? Stantheman, Sputnik – what’s the answer? Why do you put up with this crap? I really want to know the secret. C’mon, guys. Give it to me!

  5. Where are the lawyers on this one? Where are class action suits for crying out loud? Billion$ lost in productivity, there’s got to be a book to throw at Micro$sof for that, despite all the “license agreements” poor Windoze suckers signed by breaking shrinkwrap on the box, no?

  6. Just so you all know I downloaded the latest security patch for my XP peecee. It took this long. “click.”
    Done. It did it´s thing while I went on to something else.

    Own Mac and PC

    Interesting when the subject the potential of a virus coming onto the new Mactel, the attitude here is “so what?”, what´s one virus for a Mac??? A virus is bad for the pc, but okay for the mac….


    Why do I have a PC? Just curious to see what everyone was bitchin´ about.
    My opinion about XP? No problems at all. Most of my programs that I also have for my Mac actually run faster on the PC.
    I have both Mac and PC and enjoy them both.
    I look forward to getting a new Mactel, too!

  7. Oh look. My XP just auto-updated itself, fixing something that I have no clue about. I still have to experience the first succesful hack of that machine, though, so at least these fixes work against the (impossible to gauge how dangerous) threats.

    Poor M$, caught between a rock and a hard place. Either deny (and get rightfully ridiculed about it, if not worse) that Windows has a security problem or two or proudly announce all your fixes for security holes that some nerd in some lab managed to exploit once under carefully created circumstances, thereby underlining the impression that Windows has nothing but security holes.

  8. Why put up with it you ask? For openers there are still many necessary programs that do not have Mac versions. Secondly, these so called patches are not difficult. One can choose to view, or download, or install automatically, depending on one’s taste for adventure. Sometimes they require a reboot, usually not. It has been years since one cause a problem for us.

    My attorney uses macs and would probably love to start a class action suit, but his ambulance chasing is too consuming.

    But, regardless of all that, I support anyone’s right to feel good about their chosen platform. Some of you feel very, VERY good.

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