Award-winning filmmaker Errol Morris (“The Thin Blue Line”) has been interviewed by Noah Helpern for The Huffington Post. Morris reveals, “I’m doing some more ads for [Apple Computer]. I have to go back to LA to shoot more commercials. They’re building an Ames room in LA as we speak.”

HuffPost: What kind of room?

Morris: They’re these rooms, they’re built in a completely distorted way in order to create an optical illusion based on perspective. I’ve always wanted to shoot in an Ames room and now we’re going to.

HuffPost: Are they going to be the same format as the earlier ads?

Morris: It’s not clear yet. You know, I actually like doing commercials. I don’t like doing them to the exclusion of everything else, but I like doing them. The 30-second format is very hard. I sometimes call it American Haiku. And I think some of the commercials I’ve done are not so bad.

Full article here.

Morris directed Apple’s popular “Switch” campaign ads, which consisted of vignettes about real people who had abandoned PCs for Macs, including the famous or infamous, depending on your point of view, “Ellen Feiss” ad. The original “Switch” or “Real People” ads were filmed using a special camera developed by Morris, called the “Interrotron,” which uses mirrors to make interview subjects appear to be speaking to an interviewer when they are actually facing the camera. Quicktime movies of the Ellen Feiss ad and all of the other Apple “Switch” ads here.

Our favorite “Switch” ad never aired except at Macworld Expo NYC: Will “I’m a porn actor” Ferrell

[Attribution: AppleInsider]

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