Video of Mac OS X 10.4.1 for Intel running on Dell laptop posted online

Video of Mac OS X 10.4.1 for Intel has been posted running on a run-of-the-mill Dell laptop.

The “About This Mac” box isn’t very clearly shown – do you have a zoom on that camera, guys?

MacDailyNews Take: What do you think? Real or fake? We have our doubts, since the most obvious thing in the world would be to show the “About This Mac” box clearly.

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  1. Yup, Apple really knows what they are doing.

    I hope millions use this hacked version, and then Leopard crushes Longhorn in the press. Then all of those hacks can buy a Mac for real.


  2. I think it’s fake. On the dock you can see about 1000 applications. That’s a lot of Mac apps to have installed already considering this has been out for what? 24 hours? and that’s a lot of *mac apps* for a PC person to have…

    But I could be wrong

  3. I think it’s “lipstick on a pig”.

    ps yea, I think it’s vnc or pearpc – it does seem rather slow doesn’t it.

    pps the other question is, how would someone have ripped off a copy of the Intel OS X anyway,… weren’t the machines all pre installed? Are people trying to say that someone managed to acquire either a disk image from an installed machine, or an install disk, whilst they were at the WWDC, with Apple’s watchful eye looking over their shoulder? Pretty good effort if so.

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