Why buy a Dell when Apple’s Intel-based computers will run both Mac OS X and Windows?

With the announcement that Apple will switch from PowerPC to Intel processors in Macs, many have wondered if the new Apple Macintel machines would allow users to run Windows. Probably more have wondered the reverse, if Apple would allow for Mac OS X to run on any old box assembler’s PC. CNET’s Ina Fried reports:

After Jobs’ presentation, Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller addressed the issue of running Windows on Macs, saying there are no plans to sell or support Windows on an Intel-based Mac. “That doesn’t preclude someone from running it on a Mac. They probably will,” he said. “We won’t do anything to preclude that.” However, Schiller said the company does not plan to let people run Mac OS X on other computer makers’ hardware. “We will not allow running Mac OS X on anything other than an Apple Mac,” he said.

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh, so one could buy a Mac and run both Windows and Mac OS X or buy a Dell and only be able to run Windows. Muahahahahah! So, can anyone explain why would anyone in their right mind would buy a Dell or any other Wintel box assembler’s kit again? This is shaping up to become a “license Mac OS X or die” problem for the Dells of the world. But, what if Steve Jobs doesn’t feel like licensing Mac OS X? Checkmate. Is it too early to suggest that Michael Dell shut down the company and give the money back to shareholders?

Wait until Wall Street figures this one out.

Even before the Intel-powered models ship, Apple Macs are already less expensive, more secure, and longer-lasting than Windows PCs.

As we wrote in a MacDailyNews Take on May 9, 2005: “The war isn’t over until there’s a surrender. Apple’s still here and the Mac platform is growing and advancing, not shrinking and retreating. As long as Apple makes Macs, as Yogi said, ‘It ain’t over ’til it’s over.’ PCs are turned over every few years; all it would take is for the average user to choose a Mac for their next computer and things would quickly change drastically. With Windows in disarray and Longhorn looking more like Stillborn, right now is Apple’s best time to strike and strike hard.”

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  1. I haven’t seen it first hand but one of the developers I know reported seeing some sort of program Apple was working on that was similiar to a fast user switch that allowed a client to seemlessly move between the two OS with minimal boot/restart time…

  2. It’s clearly a golden opportunity for Apple, unless they get greedy on pricing. Keep the sticker price no more than 10-15% higher than a comparably equipped Dell and they go from niche player to 800-pound gorilla. The market is theirs to lose. Again. Steve, please learn from the “$10,000 Lisa” fiasco. Hopefully this Leopard will change its spots.

  3. Apple will remain a niche player on Intel so long as their prices are premium and the general populace are ignorant of the Mac advantage.

    They will only become a true OS force if they licence to HP, Sony etc (under strict controls) and let the other PC makers do their marketing.

    That said, it sounds like Apple and Intel are cooking up some disruptive technologies that will make as big an impact as the iPod.

  4. Yeah… But if I can pay a little bit more and have a machine that runs both operating systems… Damn that is a bargan…

    But my actual thought is that there will be a way to run Windows software in OSX WITHOUT windows installed…

  5. Using mach kernel mklinux developers use to (or may be still do) run two version of linux on a machine to test the new version of mklinux. When new version of mklinux crashes, switch to stable version to figure out what went wrong, so Apple probably has the capability to let user switch between two or more OS.

    Some of reasons to buy Dell over Macintel is, Dell does have better extended warrenty/insurance. Apple should consider offering similar warrenty/insurance.

    Dell price will be lower than Apple’s. Apple won’t and should not compete in price against Dell.

  6. Look for Intel Ads in due time targeting the Mac.

    paraphrasing Intel CEO “what best could you offer yourself than what the best could offer you? Get an MP 64-bit powered Mac and run whatever you like at the speed you deserve” – Intel Inside logo + Apple Logo.

    Daily, multiple times. For months.

  7. >MDN wrote: PCs are turned over every few years

    That’s because PCs get faster than Macs… and at a faster rate of getting faster. 😀

    I do agree though, if Windows does run on Mactel then it’d make more sense to buy a Mactel even for Windows ops… IF:
    – it is 100% compatible
    – the price premium Apple generally likes to charge as a boutique seller isn’t too high
    – the machines are available (Apple supply problems aren’t always other companies’ fault)
    – the non-Mactel boxes don’t offer a better value.

    I can’t see into the future like some claim to, so I can’t say that without a doubt, the Mactel boxes will be better than non-Mac Intel boxes.


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