Windows users who try Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger might not want to go back

“In a previous column, I shared my thoughts about what it was like to suddenly become a Mac user after using Linux and Windows for most of my computing life. It was a bit of a shock, and adjusting to the new OS took me a little while before I could start to appreciate what it had to offer,” Jim Lynch writes for ExtremeTech. “Fortunately, I had the guidance and tolerance of many of ExtremeTech’s Mac-savvy readers to help me work through the bumps I encountered. My thanks to all who posted feedback and suggestions in the forum or who quietly emailed me after reading my column. I was somewhat overwhelmed at the response to the column, the emails just kept pouring in for weeks after it was published.”

Lynch writes, “This time I’m going to talk about what it’s been like for me after the initial adjustment period and how my experimentation with a Power Mac led to my purchase of a Power Book and the installation of the latest version of Mac OS X (Tiger) on both of my Macs.”

Lynch looks at Mac OS X Tiger in some depth and concludes, “Windows users beware! If you’re thinking about getting a Mac with Tiger on it, don’t do it! You’ll never view Windows the same again… Watch out Windows users, if you get a taste of OS X Tiger you might not want to go back.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Former Windows Sufferers who give Apple’s Mac OS X a decent try usually end up making the best Mac advocates.

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  1. Watch out mugging victims… Once you get a taste of not being ambushed in a dark alley and having your wallet stolen, you may never want to be mugged again.

  2. Copernicus: “Want to look at the future specs of MacIntel hardware?


    No. Apple (as well as the x86 industry) will be beyond that. Intel intends to launch Yonah in early 2006. This is a dual core processor made for portables.

    Just one thing to look forward to as part of Apple’s move to Intel.

  3. now all we need is a demo version of Mac OS targeted at Windows users set up to dual boot and cease to function after a month ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I am a former Windows user and current (for the last 7 years) Windows Systems Administrator. And I can tell you first hand the Mac is the ONLY way to go. It is like a taking a deep breath of fresh air after living in smog. Unfortunately I spend my days working among the smog, supporting Windows, poor hapless Windows users, and the corporate illiterate who don’t know any better. But when I go home it is all Mac all the time (save for my year old Alienware, which is still a joy as they make great computers despite the fact they run Windows).

    And while I probably sold more Dells in my lifetime then the “Dell Dude” I am now a HUGE Mac advocate who brings as many users to the light as possible. And trust me through my work and the trust my occupation instills in people (deserved or not) I am able to beat down many of the myths of Mac computing and bring some tech joy into people’s lives.

    Mac zealots aren’t always the best salesman, not a knock just speaking the truth, but a guy who has (and continues) to live on both sides of the track makes the most objective Mac pusher. And I am more than happy to do my part.

  5. Forget MacIntel. Forget Mactel. Say hello to Ma-ntel

    Mantel Rules! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”shock” style=”border:0;” />

  6. This is my point exactly on why the switch to Intel is a good thing. If Jobs would just show a little intestinal fortitude and release OS X for any Intel machine to use, ol’ Billy boy would see his market share drop like a stunned pigeon.

  7. “No. Apple (as well as the x86 industry) will be beyond that. Intel intends to launch Yonah in early 2006. This is a dual core processor made for portables.”

    That’s my point. You don’t think Dell will have that technology too?
    Dell buys a lot more Intel chips than Apple. You will read about and buy “Yonah” portables on the Dell product site.
    Nothing special, as every Pee Cee they have on QVC or Home Shopping Channel will now have the same internals as Apple Pee Cees.

    As a result of the Intel move, HARDWARE wise, Apple will never be ahead of Dell/Gateway/Lenovo again. To me, that’s sad.

  8. Copernicus,

    I look at it the other way… It’s rare the Mac has been ahead. I look forward to — at the very least — parity. For example, having access to top of the line video cards and processors. Plus, Apple will add some of its own magic to differentiate it from the masses.

  9. Copernicus

    What makes you think that Apple, who has had a long history of being “proprietary” even with standard components, will use the same internals as a Dell or HP?

    It’s one thing if Apple said they’ll buy motherboards from Intel, which they certainly are not. Tehy’re just buying chips. Despite what anyone has said, native compatibility with Windows or any other x86-based OS and components are not guaranteed.

    MDN Magic Word: really, as in “Really ridiculous, all of you.”

  10. I look forward to it aswell, However, I dont think having Intel inside is going to help FPS. And I think apple still needs to prioritize its OpenGL performance, thats been holding the mac back from a performance standpoint…In Games that is…

  11. My new Powerbook is awesome – yesterday’s announcement didn’t change that one bit – As Jack Welch likes to say, “a leader faces reality” and the reality is that future PowerPC products are for video games and they can’t make a low power, low heat mobile chip with G5.

    The other reality is that OS X is more stable and has more features that Windows is promising in the future, only you can get it right now. I am a switcher – 30 days now – and I tell everyone I know that they should use a Mac at home – if not in business, because most of my business contacts are working on systems architectures and Apple just isn’t in that space yet.

    I work in the Enterprise software space and have to deal with Windows at work – it’s nice to know you can use a computer and get things done instead of constantly trying to work within limits that are imposed UPON you by the limits of the OS.

    Once I get people to check out OS X, they don’t have an interest in Windows.

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