Microsoft and Dell must have a lot of bricks lying around today

“Make a note of this date, Monday 6 June 2005. It may well become logged in the annals of commercial computing as a turning point for Microsoft and Dell,” Jeff Lawson writes for The Inquirer. “Microsoft, the company whose operating system software brings daily GUI crashes and folder locks. Dell, the company that proffers market-stall computers with all the glamour of dishwashers. Enter, Apple.”

“Microsoft’s alliance with AMD has brought high-calibre multi-core processors to the PC world and brought it discord with Intel,” Lawson writes. “Dell is about to take AMD mainstream. Not that Dell particularly wants to lose its cosy relationship with Intel but it wants to lose customers to AMD vendors even less.”

“Apple’s receipts from its 76% dominance of the MP3 market plus Intel’s cash mountain gives them the financial clout to take on Microsoft and Dell. Luckily for the Apple-Intel team, they have superior technology too. Granted, Intel’s latest processors are dogs but the main event is eighteen months out, when Microsoft ships Longhorn, so Intel have the interim to get their act together. The next revision of Mac OS X, named Leopard, will be launched then too. Expect to see games running on x86 Leopard as fast as on x86 Longhorn: no need for gamers to run Windows,” Lawson writes. “Eighteen months and counting. Eighteen months and the choice will be simple: buy a solid operating system running on a PC designed by the coolest computer company ever or buy something of dubious ancestry out of a car boot. Time for fickle investors to repopulate stock portfolios. Time to think different!”

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  1. The x86 Mac will be most interesting to switchers who run Virtual PC on it. Windows and Windows apps would run at full speed, unemulated, on an x86 Mac. Think Microsoft will bother to port Virtual PC to the Intel Mac? Or will Apple adopt WINE or some other Windows emulator?

  2. It’s been an entertaining year so far (Mini, Shuffle, Tiger, Intel) and things will only get more interesting from here on.

    And my wife wonders why I spend so much time at this site. This is WAY better than watching sports or reality TV.

  3. i don’t understand why it is going to take so long to get intel macintoshes to market though. maybe they learned from the ibm 3ghz fiasco and are being very conservative. also, given the recent news on longhorn, leopard might be out for quite a while before longhorn.

  4. I’ve heard a lot of comments about how switching to Intel will improve gaming for Macs. I do not know much about game design but I was under the impression that the two hurdles for porting games to the Mac was the CPU and the graphic cards (particularly the drivers).

    Now going to Intel will help the CPU side, but how will it effect the graphics card issue? Will changing the CPU automagically make the graphic card drivers better?

    Like I said, I know very little of this issue, other than what I have read.

  5. With the switch away from PPC, Steve Jobs has killed off the last legacy of the “Dark Ages” (think Sculley/Spindler/Amelio) of the Macintosh. He’s also well along his push to standardize the Mac. The ADC is dead, USB 2 seems to be getting bigger play than FireWire these days and now a switch from PPC to the Intel family. It’s been and will continue to be a very interesting time to be a Mac user.

  6. Intel’s processors have sucked major ass for a while now. What the hell is he smoking?!?

    AMD has better technology, Apple went with marketing muscle, not better technology.

    Intel’s Emergency Edition Pentium processors cost more than double and still can’t beat AMD’s FX series processors.

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