Apple posts QuickTime video of Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2005 Keynote Address online

WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is Apple’s most important annual event for hardware and software developers to receive in-depth information and instruction from Apple’s technical architects and engineers.

Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs kick-off the Worldwide Developers Conference with a keynote address from San Francisco’s Moscone West.

See the video-on-demand event exclusively in QuickTime and MPEG-4 here.

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  1. Please note that Apple’s mentioning of MPEG-4 is a half truth.

    This Keynote is streamed in H.264 – look AWESOME!…as long as world+dog isn’t trying to watch it at the same time.

  2. Even at double size, it still looks really good. That’s the H.264 for you. The only problem is that it’s a stream (I suppose it has to be), so it keeps quitting on me becase, as noted (In the first post!) by macnut22, everybody and their dog is apparently trying to watch it.

    magic word: “system” as in, “I’m going to have to buy a new system to test on if I want to keep developing Mac software.”

  3. it was crashing at the 12-15 sec mark (skipping ahead still crahes) on both my computer and my bros’s both running tiger & and quicktime 7.0.1 but it ran just fine (after a small hickup at the same spot) on my other bros’ 400Mhz G4 tower running panther + QT 6.5 (this was 12hrs ago maybe they fixed the encodeing problem now?)

  4. It depends on the spec of Mac you’re running it on I think. My PowerBook runs it perfectly (G4 867) but my iMac gets no sound and a very jerky pic (G3 400).

    It’s kind of wierd to watch though. All very jolly at the beginning, then Steve gets all nervous and announces the bomb. There’s some laughter after that, but the atmosphere completely changes.

    I was noticing how fast the OSX Pentium was too, but then realised that most of what Steve was showing is more about the video card than anything. I still think Mac sales are going to tank until the Intel machines ship. The advantage Apple had with the delays in Longhorn pretty much disappeared yesterday, and that’s a big shame.

    I’m happy to wait for my next Mac. My iMac was up for replacement now the second gen iMac G5s are shipping, but it’s going to get another year of life. I’ll still buy another Apple machine though. It is OSX that kept me with the platform, and even though I do run Linux as well, it’s OSX that I do most of my work on.

  5. H.264 doesn’t work at all on tired old G3 machines such as I have. Can anyone transcode the Keynote to MPEG-2 for those of us who don’t have new machines (an won’t now for a year or two), please?

  6. Works fine on my overclocked AMD ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Nice explanation of the problem with power pc processors, and the need to change to a more efficient chip.

  7. (As of last night) It didn’t work on a 700Mhz G3 iBook, a 800Mhz G4 iMac, and a 1 Ghz G4 Powerbook. It gets about 13 seconds in and crashes Quicktime.
    Though once on the Powerbook it ran, but it looked like Steve had his Reality Distortion Field on.

  8. Watched it last night, no problem. H.264 is a miracle.

    This morning, however, picture lags behind the sound big time. Don’t know if its the demand from the stream or my 800MHz dogging. Maybe a little of both.

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