Apple to use Intel microprocessors beginning in 2006, all Macs to be Intel-based by end of 2007

At its Worldwide Developer Conference today, Apple announced plans to deliver models of its Macintosh computers using Intel microprocessors by this time next year, and to transition all of its Macs to using Intel microprocessors by the end of 2007.

Apple previewed a version of its critically acclaimed operating system, Mac OS X Tiger, running on an Intel-based Mac to the over 3,800 developers attending CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote address. Apple also announced the availability of a Developer Transition Kit, consisting of an Intel-based Mac development system (3.6GHz Pentium 4-based) along with preview versions of Apple’s software, which will allow developers to prepare versions of their applications which will run on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with the best personal computers in the world, and looking ahead Intel has the strongest processor roadmap by far,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO in the press release. “It’s been ten years since our transition to the PowerPC, and we think Intel’s technology will help us create the best personal computers for the next ten years.”

“We are thrilled to have the world’s most innovative personal computer company as a customer,” said Paul Otellini, president and CEO of Intel in the press release. “Apple helped found the PC industry and throughout the years has been known for fresh ideas and new approaches. We look forward to providing advanced chip technologies, and to collaborating on new initiatives, to help Apple continue to deliver innovative products for years to come.”

“We plan to create future versions of Microsoft Office for the Mac that support both PowerPC and Intel processors,” said Roz Ho, general manager of Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit in the press release. “We have a strong relationship with Apple and will work closely with them to continue our long tradition of making great applications for a great platform.”

“We think this is a really smart move on Apple’s part and plan to create future versions of our Creative Suite for Macintosh that support both PowerPC and Intel processors,” said Bruce Chizen, CEO of Adobe.

The Developer Transition Kit is available starting today for $999 to all Apple Developer Connection Select and Premier members. Further information for Apple Developer Connection members is available at

Intel plans to provide industry leading development tools support for Apple later this year, including the Intel C/C++ Compiler for Apple, Intel Fortran Compiler for Apple, Intel Math Kernel Libraries for Apple and Intel Integrated Performance Primitives for Apple.


  1. What? Np new products? It’s all good and well to switch to an Intel processor, as long as there is no funny sticker on my box. But, come on, show us something new…

  2. This was a developers conference, there was something new, if you are a full Apple development member, you can order a Intel based Mac + sample applications already ported for $999 to use for the next year to test your own applications on.

  3. They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Steve Jobs today killed off the future of Apple Hardware. The announcement was made with flourish and kind speeches by the new chip supplier, Intel. Had apple wanted Intel as the chip of choice, that decision could have been made at least 25 years ago…

    I could be sad about all of this and I admit that I am. But I’m going to celebrate the new world order. I’m going to go out and buy an AMD based 64 bit laptop, I know I can pick one up for under 900. It isn’t going to be the best 17 inch powerbook I’ve been saving for over the past few months, I’m not going to be a sucker for this stuff again.

    I’m also going to stop the 50 to 75K of business that I would have given Apple networking via significant investment in multiple Xserves.

    I believe in the future. That’s why I’m now going to start stepping away from Apple and embracing the future, I believe it’s called LINUX.

  4. First thing that comes to mind – Why Intel and not AMD?

    Second thing – Who is going to buy any Macs in the next 12 months?

    I just feel sorry for anyone who has just bought a G5 Mac. I was looking at a 2GHz G5 iMac, but not now.

    This is a major risk Apple are taking and could kill the momentum the Mac is finally getting.

    One last thing – Intel? x86? That means Palladium. I don’t want a computer that could potentially report back to third parties what I’m working on. It’s one of the reasons I use OSX and not Windows in the first place.


  5. Great, so now the big question is if I buy a PowerMac now like I was planning on, will there be new cool software released in 2-3 years which will only run on an Intel Mac? That would kinda suck. I really really need to get a new Mac but this has thrown me a major curve. Now I don’t know WHAT to buy! An iMac cuz their cheaper and I can save my money to buy the new platform maybe? Man the timing on this sucks. I wish I woulda bought a PowerMac 2 years ago instead of holding out for a G5 laptop. Then it would be getting long in the tooth at about the right time to get one of the new machines.

    MW: earlier – Duh!

  6. This has great potential for Intel to gain prestige being involved in making powerful, elegant, reliable computer technology, no longer being strapped to Franken$oft, low-tech, etch-a-sketch trash!

    Time will tell.


  7. Well, red Porsche driving “Appleinsider”. You were saying that this was NOT the announcement weren’t you. Any comment?

    I say this is great news for the next gen of Apple Mac. Microsoft won’t be happy.

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