Intel’s prototype AOpen ‘Pandora’ ripoff of Apple’s Mac mini photos posted online

“Taking a second crack at the living room, Intel today showed off a concept PC that closely resembles Apple Computer’s Mac Mini. The chipmaker unveiled the prototype with AOpen at the Computex trade show in Taiwan,” Michael Singer reports for CNET News.

“According to Silent PC Review, AOpen’s Pandora device has a slot load CD disk drive and power button in the front with three USB ports, a keyboard hookup and a serial port in the back for hooking into displays. The computer also has internal wireless networking connectors and uses a single blower fan to keep it cool,” Singer reports.

Full article here. reports the unit will have a September market release date and has large images of the unit in their article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This one oughta perk up Apple’s legal department. It certainly is aptly named though. Pandora: afflicts all who “AOpen” it with the evils of Windows.

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  1. So they’ve stolen a good design, stuck a honking great white button on the front and a crappy logo and turned it into a cheap crappy looking design.

    Nice one.

    In a way the idiots who would buy this thing almost deserve what they’re gonna get for trying to be cool.

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