Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger ‘is the most advanced operating system on the planet’

“Tiger, Apple’s latest operating system (OS 10.4.0, if you’re keeping track) is more evolutionary than revolutionary. That’s not to say that it isn’t packed with features, which it is. Nor is it saying that Tiger is not as stable as a rock, as it is,” Rand Miranda writes for Singapore’s Today Online. “More than anything else, Tiger, which retails for $248 and comes included in all new Macs, is about seamless integration. All the applications work with one another and the OS without excessive bloat or too high a demand on memory and processor speed.”

Miranda covers Tiger’s major features and concludes, “As you can see, there’s quite a bit to Tiger and we’ve just scratched the surface. The bottom line: Apple’s Tiger is the most advanced operating system on the planet. And while there are major improvements and additions that make it the most powerful, Apple also makes it simple to use. Apple aptly named Mac OS X 10.4 after a powerful, sleek and beautiful jungle cat rather than a lumbering, clumsy relative of the cow (Longhorn) and it shows.”

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  1. You mean a “bull”? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    I {heard} that some cows ARE longhorns…

    <> = MW

  2. Dear Veridian,

    Any of those heathens who don’t like cricket just don’t know what they’re missing. And when my wife tries to get me away from the Ashes you’ll hear that oft quoted expresssion: ” Just one more over”.

    Go the Baggy Greens.

  3. “Longhorn..”

    Everyone knows that. Yet they call it a cow anyway.. gee I wonder why? Perhaps that’s the nature of AN INSULT?

    Hey that actually makes a lot of sense.


  4. I’ve always viewed Cricket as some entertainment whilst getting sloshed on a summer afternoon, which probably comes from my Hampshire upbringing (mild clapping and calling out shaaaarrrrrttt when someone hit the boundary). I played for our pub team for a while, but frankly I was rubbish, so I’m not surprised they stopped picking me ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    I do think Australia will win this time. Should be a good series though.

  5. Dear Dave H

    I actually played a season of grade cricket (read the lowest grade) but once you’re out of school representative level you’ve got to be able to do a bit everything.

    I was a good opening batsman, er batter and the faster the bowler the better I hit the ball. However, I couldn’t pick the spinners and when I bowled, the ball landed half way down the pitch and dribbled towards the batsman.
    I love watching it on TV or watching a match, any match. To me cricket is religion, even if Australia isn’t playing I’ll still watch it. I tolerate the one day game because it’s too predictable.

  6. Okay, yes, so “Longhorn” is the name of a bar instead of a reference to tiger food.

    Uhm, is that really any better though? Perhaps it’s all of that liquor slowing down the development of the next version of Windows.

    Consider it. They went from the mountains (Whistler and Blackcomb) to the bottom of the mountains, and worse they continued into a bar to further the development of Windows.

    The future of Microsoft: yet another victim of alcoholism. Sad, so sad.

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