Increasing numbers of Windows PC users switching to Apple Mac for improved stability and security

“For Apple, its June quarter has traditionally been a seasonally slower period, where sales tend to fall off just ahead of the educational buying season. But this year the company’s business appears noticeably stronger moving towards summer, due in part to a number of consumers switching to the Mac for improved stability and security,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“Studies are showing that consumers are indeed flocking to Macintosh platform these days, but not necessarily due to the much-hyped iPod ‘halo effect’ — a notion that positive experiences with an iPod are leading consumers to run out and buy a Mac. Instead, an increasing number of studies are showing that most PC users switching to the Mac platform are doing so because they’re fed up with the security and stability woes currently plaguing the Wintel platform,” Jade reports. “The most recent study comes research and investment firm PiperJaffray, which earlier this week spoke with 20 of Apple’s specialist resellers regarding business in the June quarter and trends with various products. On average, Apple specialists said that over 16% of customers who buy a Mac from their stores are PC switchers. In Apple’s own retail stores, this figure is closer to 50%.”

Jade reports, “While Apple’s June results will likely provide only slight upside, PiperJaffray remains bullish on the company given confidence that business will accelerate in the September and December quarters. ‘Our checks, along with IDC market share changes, suggest the halo effect is real. We believe this trend will allow Apple to continue to gain market share over the next several quarters,’ the firm said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The sooner Apple wants to start advertising on TV about what Mac OS X offers average personal computer users, the better. If not now, when?

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  1. About time!
    For months I have been forwarding links to articles like this to everyone I know who is stuck on windows and complains about it.
    (first post?)

  2. In Apple’s own retail stores, this figure is closer to 50%.”

    of about 1,000,000 people a week (foot traffic) and growing..

    X% buy Macs…

    and half of those are PC switchers..

    Bill Gates.. please put your seat in its upright and locked position, recline your tray table, and prepare for landing…

  3. What’s the use of spending millions advertising if you can’t produce product fast enough to cover increased demand?

    Thank you IBM.

    Did we say we are sorry about that 1984 commercial yet?

    Does Apple have to buy Freescale to ensure supply or is Intel the only answer?

  4. Bull. I don’t where this guy got his numbers form by most people with ACTUAL information have stated that apple sales are sluggish. MDN find real news from real soucres or change your name to Mac Daily Propaganda.

  5. The “cost of non-conformance” for windblows users to leave winblows in droves has been steadily eroding. What will be the final straw? Another massive crippling worm? Maybe MAC OS X running on Hell and HP boxes?

    These are surely interesting times.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool hmm” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Intel’s not the answer. Game consoles are the answer!

    They’ll get IBM’s chipmaking up to speed in a hurry, and Macs will benefit too! Before long, these new console chips will have {led} to faster Mac chips, and more of them.

    The bigger IBM is as a chipmaker, the better for us… they’ll get their yields up and their techniques perfected, and they’ll have more money to sink into more R&D and bigger plants. And all the new consoles use chips related to those in Macs, too. So even if none of those chips ever gets inside a Mac (which they might), technologies from them will.

    {} = MW

  7. — Actually, I have heard from another source – an Apple Store employee in Mpls – that the switchers to that store were approx 50%… that was from a horse’s mouth..

  8. As a recent “switcher” myself, I have personally gotten 6 Windows users to switch – only to the Mac Mini, mind you, but this is great news. I bet these numbers will continue to rise and rise.
    My only problem is I can’t stop buying stuff for my Mac – used to be Bill got all my money – now it’s Steve, and Visa, of course.

  9. Umm, MDN in case you haven’t heard. IBM has just recently caught up with supplying Power PC chips to Apple. The reason Apple does not advertise on television is not because they are being stubborn or don’t want to sell more computers, It’s because it would be a disaster for Apple to advertise without be able to keep up with the increased demand the ads would generate. Yes, Jobs is furious with IBM.

  10. Give me a break,

    The source is Piper Jaffray. Since they gathered this data and showed their report to their investors first, they have no reason to put out false information. In other words, if Mac sales were falling, they would get their investors to sell and take profits before anyone else knows.

  11. TV ads are the best way to get morons as customers. That’s fine (preferable, even) if you’re selling sugar water, trans-fat, facepaint, or drugs; however, if you’re selling something as complicated as computers (and including a 1-year warranty) you want people to buy your product because they know they’re getting a quality computing experience and they’re excited about it. Otherwise, they’ll just be frustrated that the computer’s cup holder doesn’t hold their 64oz mega-gulp.

    Consistantly releasing quality products is therefore objective #1 and TV ads needlessly eat into R&D budgets. Word-of-mouth, good press, and educational and scientific infiltration is the absolute best way for Apple to promote their products. It worked for the iPod.

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