Intel CEO Otellini: If you want security now, buy a Macintosh instead of a Wintel PC

On Tuesday at the The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference, Paul Otellini, the new CEO of Intel, addressed security problems affecting the Wintel platform.

“Mr. Otellini ran down a series of hardware-based steps designed to improve security, articulating a vision of “virtualization” technology that keeps a virtual machine built into a PC isolated, and thus safer from attack, hardens that machine against hazards, and provides for remote repair after an attack,” Jason Fry reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“But asked when such solutions would be available to mainstream users and usable by them, Mr. Otellini said ‘I think we’re still a few years away.’ The problem can’t be solved by hardware alone, he noted — hardware solutions take years to be adopted, and remote recovery of a PC, for example, will require service providers to offer that,” Fry reports.

Fry reports, “Pressed about security by Mr. Mossberg, Mr. Otellini had a startling confession: He spends an hour a weekend removing spyware from his daughter’s computer. And when further pressed about whether a mainstream computer user in search of immediate safety from security woes ought to buy Apple Computer Inc.’s Macintosh instead of a Wintel PC, he said, ‘If you want to fix it tomorrow, maybe you should buy something else.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: You can bet Mr. Otellini will be getting (probably already has gotten) a nice phone call from Bill Gates about that bit of honesty. Does this lend any more credence to the Apple-Intel rumors?

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  1. You mean the same Bill Gates that just demonstrated his new gaming platform with Power Macintosh G5s, and which will use PowerPC chips from IBM?

    I just can’t help it: MW “love”.

  2. Huh? I guess Apple and Intel are pairing for something, because Intels main market is Wintel computers. Apple must be getting some logic board chips or something from Intel for the CEO to blast his largest market of desktops. I know Intel will be going strong with HP and other makers with the server market, but you can’t put all your eggs in one basket like that without having something else.

  3. OK, why am I having a problem with this statement: Mossberg asks if a computer user should buy a Mac or a PC, and Otellini says ‘If you want to fix it tomorrow, maybe you should buy something else.’ Is he sayin that if you want to fix your security problems tomorrow (as in the future) you should buy something other than a Mac? I guess that’s what it is, but I have to hold my jaw in a certain way to make it come out like that.

  4. Mac Nightmare,

    NO, games are better on a PlayStation… or even an XBox.

    Pick the right tool for the task. What exactly are you doing with your computer that’s so esoteric? Architectural design? CAD-CAM? Corporate accounting? Last time I checked, spreadsheets, word processing, music and film production, solving the mysteries of science and technology, et cetera, can be done on either the Mac or PC platform, oftentimes better on the Mac. Just ask VA Tech, or the Army. Or Trent Reznor. Or Walter Murch.

  5. The trolls are out again. You people with an opinion without knowledge should unlearn the skill of typing. If you want to waste your days away playing games do it on a $200 PS2 or Xbox. To spend a boatload of cash on a wintell box just to play games showes us you are either spending mommy and daddies money or you are really dumb enough to believe what you posted. Regardless you have proved your lack of IQ to us all and may now go. Bye.

  6. Check out eWeek’s recent pieces on Virtualization and the problem of PC BIOS. Sounds like Intel is going that direction. Which is good. You can run Windows Services, and Linux Services and who knows, Mac services on one computer? Just like Virtual PC for Servers that lets X-86 Servers run multiple versions of Windows, UNIX and LInux on one machine in multiple virtualized machines at onece. There’s a softwar layer that interacts with the hardware. And keeps the operating systems from dominating the hardware exclusively.

    Now imagine a computer with both Pentium-M and PowerPC chips in it with this kind of virtualization and 8 gigs of RAM?

    Watch for Quad-Processor G6s in a few years.

  7. I want to see the video with Bill Gates and Napoleon Dynamite (John Heder) that the article mentions!! [see “Bill Gates’ Backup Plan”, at about the halfway point in the article]

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