RUMOR: Apple Tablet exists running ‘reduced version’ of Mac OS X

Rob Bushway, owner of Zoe Technologies, a firm specializing in web development and technology consulting, who also runs TabletBible.Com for inkable bibles and books for Tablet PCs has posted this on his blog:

I have no less than 5 sources saying an Apple Tablet announcement is due soon… And the Intel talks are for battery saving Sonoma-like Powerbook and Tablet tech, I’d heard this 3-4 weeks ago from 3 sources… And it exists, honest, [have] seen a prototype. Instant On, running a reduced version of OSX, with some funky start-up PDA like Apple icon menu. Touch only (white touch pen), [at] least the version I saw.

Full article here.

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  1. ” And the Intel talks are for battery saving Sonoma-like Powerbook and Tablet tech”

    I used to work at a battery technology company that began working with Intel to develop a high-power, high-energy laptop battery. Could be that Apple just wants some of these batteries for something like a PB G5.


    Nobody posted that yet, so I thought I would. Honestly, I have no need for such a device if it’s just a small, smart computer screen.

    Apple has a bad habit of making the orinary extraordinary though, so I’ll probably want one after I see it.

  3. A “reduced version of OSX”, please… The last thing I want to see is Apple coming out with an OS flavor of the month like M$…
    While I understand that there need to be some major OS division (handheld units, desktops, servers) I don’t see the need to run a “reduced version of OSX” on a device that should act as a portable desktop.
    The size of the tablet from the patent drawings had a screen at least the size of a 12″ PowerBook. OS X has handwriting and voice recognition.
    It may not be able to pack as much RAM into the unit but leave the OS alone please!!

  4. I’m betting that it’s Apple’s take on “Thin Client” Computing. As a standalone, it’s got PDA-like capability, but when on a LAN could have the full power of OS X hosted on another computer or server. It could trump Microsoft’s vision of the Tablet in cost, performance and size.
    With built-in BT, 802.11B/G & a 3G chipset it could be the ultimate portable computer. Host Mac OS X on a powerful desktop or server and run it with the thin client as the interface. The Intel connection could be any number of chips they produce for PDAs & smart-phones. The combo of the thin-client and the mini could be killer.

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