Windows Sober.p poised to attack this Monday; Macintosh unaffected

“Monday may be a very bad day, a security researcher said Friday as he warned that the aggressive Sober worm of early May is timed to download new code the first day of next workweek. Sober.p, the mass-mailed worm that spread voraciously by virtue of its offer of free World Cup tickets, is poised to launch another attack Monday, said Dmitri Alperovitch, a research engineer with an Alpharetta, Ga.-based security firm CipherTrust. ‘At the moment, the payload is unknown, but it may be another form of spam, like Sober.q; more malicious code, like another virus; or a denial-of-service attack,'” Gregg Keizer reports for TechWeb News.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Macintosh is unaffected. This is quite an ingenious and potentially very dangerous Sober variant as you can see from the full article. Windows users, there really is a better way – a much better way. Our Windows-only readers should consider adding a safe, secure, and powerful Mac OS X machine to their computing arsenals. For information about how to do so smoothly, please click here.

For inexpensive entry to the Mac platform, you might want to take a look at Apple’s new Mac Mini which starts at just US$499 — it just might be the perfect machine for you. And don’t forget to order it with 512MB RAM, you’ll want it.

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  1. MDN Magic Word: “develop” as in while I use Macs exclusively, I wish someone would still develop me an antidote so I don’t end up with 47 messages in my inbox that need to be deleted because some Windows-using jackass got himself infected.

  2. Ahhh, the feeling of working all day online, surfing, getting emails, connected 24/h and be as safe as a baby in a crib.

    Windooooooozzeeeeeersss: DUCK TIME AGAIN!

    Again and again and again

    MDN Magic word: “cause”, as in ” ‘Cause being on Windows SUCKS! “

  3. I wouldn’t necessarily say that Macs are completely unaffected. With all these zombie PeeCs out there I sometimes get up to 200 junk e-mails a day. I’ve also noticed a slowdown on my internet connection as of late. Using Tiger’s more easily accessed firewall log I discovered something interesting (and not a little terrifying). My firewall gets hammered by break-in attempts about every three to five minutes (all denied, of course). Using Traceroute on the addresses shows that the attacks are coming from all over the country.

    M$ really, REALLY needs to get it’s act together. Macs at least stop the barbarians at the gate, but the mob keeps growing and growing and …


  4. Scott, I had before Tiger added logging, a 3rd party firewall with full log of every attempt. Hundreds daily. Same now with Tiger builtin firewall: the log shows hundred attempts to probe every possible port.

    One has to be absolutely ignorant and close to being stupid to even doubt that Macs are not infected by viruses because they are few (as few as 30 millions and over machine can be labeled as *few*).

    As soon as a real virus was released on the wild, truly capable to infect OS X platforms it would spread like wild fire as in Windows. The only problem is that OS X (being BSDUnix) does not allow automatic reproduction and spreading. That is practically the only reason there are no viruses around: you may write them, they do exist, papers describing how-to’s exist but they all lack one ingredient: automatic reproduction and spread. Proof-of-conceps, academic curiosity but no virus.

    If it does not spread all by itself it is not a virus, it is a joke.

    MDN magic word “INDEED” as in ‘indeed’

  5. Yeah, Monday will probably suck for Mac users too, as the entire Windows-based sector of the Internet, including all of the Windows-based DNS servers and routers and what-not, are crippled by Sober.

  6. i laugh at all my pc owning friends!
    my mac is the greatest!
    i am so much smarter than a pc owner.
    i wonder why they don´t see the light?
    i wonder if it is a genetic thing – perhaps we 4% mac owners are the next evolution of humankind – we see the technology and understand that apple is the advanced way of working in the new age.
    20,50, 100 years from now pc owners will be looked upon as we look upon neandrathals. just as neadrathals were not smart enough to avoid spoiled, rotten food with worms in it and probably helped them in their demise, so are pc owners unable to understand why they should avoid a computer with worms and viruses in it.

  7. No, Christ of Nazareth was a famous Rabbi born in 0 AD. He didn’t have a Mac. Or electricity. Or indoor plumbing. Or dental hygiene or a proper hairbrush or deodorant.

    By the way, besides being the world’s most famous Jew, Jesus was a Middle Eastern left-wing radical pacifist who opposed the government and capitalist principles at every opportunity. It cracks me up that the right wing wackos are using his legacy to promote their imperialist agenda of ethnic cleansing and war profiteering.

  8. TO: Sum Jung Gai
    If you live in the USA, you owe your freedom to the very people you are calling names. And if you don’t live here you’re paying too much tax. That is, unless you’re on some kind of government hand-out.

    BTW, can you read? I said Jesus HAS a Mac. Right now he’s logged on to the world.

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