Motorola CEO: Apple iTunes mobile phone on track for July debut, carriers not balking

“Motorola Inc. Chief Executive Ed Zander said mobile phone carriers aren’t balking at his company’s plan to sell a phone that doubles as a music player. ‘There is no resistance on anybody’s part,’ Zander said. ‘I don’t know where these rumors got started,” The Chicago Tribune reports. “Zander said the phone, known as Rokr, will be out in ‘a couple of more months,’ reiterating comments he made April 20. Schaumburg-based Motorola said in July that it was developing a phone that uses Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes software to play music.”

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  1. If it can’t take photos and movies, if it doesn’t record sound and play FM radio and if it doesn’t make smoothies I don’t want one.

    Making smoothies is the deal breaker for me.

  2. Definitely the first one that people will be familiar with it’s function and where and how they can get their music from.

    I want to know if you’ll be able to set any song in your Library as your ringer?!?! I don’t see why not and that would put a serious damper on the pirates stealing billions of dollars a year by selling 30 second clips of poor quality, crappy songs.

    And I hope it has a decent speaker phone on it.

  3. Crouching: “I want to know if you’ll be able to set any song in your Library as your ringer?!?! I don’t see why not and that would put a serious damper on the pirates stealing billions of dollars a year by selling 30 second clips of poor quality, crappy songs.”

    That’s why I’m surprised any provider would want to carry this without some sort of $ from Motorolla.

  4. MDN Magic Word: “support”, as in Verizon doesn’t need to subsidize the right phone, I’ll pay for a quality device, however, it does need to support all of its features so I don’t end up with another disabled phone.

  5. Al,

    Funny, I was hoping for a combination tire gauge and espresso maker on my next cellphone…

    After all, it’s obvious the carriers have given up on ubiquitous signal availability.

  6. Do they make one that comes with the Swiss Army knife set? Some time I like to use my phone to cut something when I am camping. My point is how many more functions can we cram into a tiny phone? I want it to receive satellite radio, acts as a warlike talkie, may be a small fan when the weather is hot. Oh, I want to use my phone as electric shaver and since it has a vibrator built in, why not make it vibrate stronger so it can massage my sour neck. I want to be able to fend off muggers with the phone which splits and function as a nunchuck. It would be nice if my phone can act as a flash light, hand drill at the same time and my list goes on and on…….


    How about a mobile phone that you can make telephone calls on??

    And not one that takes crappy low res photos (without a flash!) or has everything thrown in – including the kitchen sink, full of functions that NO ONE USES!

    My mobile does everything BUT there are only 2 fucntions that are any good:

    1. Making telephone calls
    2. Address book

    All the other bloated crap on it is about as useful as a chocloate fireguard!


  8. Dear Motorola,

    Please make the hardware somewhat cool (use the razor or something). Also, please improve your OS as well, improvements as basic as multiple phone numbers per contact in your phonebook application. Macheads are very demanding when it comes to hardware/GUI design, don’t just throw the music store on your current phone OS, which is horrible, and your current phone selection (except maybe the razor).


    P.S. You would think Apple would be a lot more controlling over what phone/OS the iTMS is available on since user experience is key.

  9. What a bunch of BS all those “reports” were that claimed provider opposition–amazing that so much conventional wisdom was so wrong, but given the terrible quality of much journalism today, I guess it’s not that surprising.
    Oh, of course those “analysts” spreading this FUD were full of it too, but those guys never had credibility. Journalists used to be better than that, weren’t they?

  10. i can already transfer my music from my mac to my samsung D500 via bluetooth (about 20secs for a regular mp3)…

    i can set those tracks as my ringtone if i like…

    the phone comes with a very basic mp3 player. a robust loudspeaker and a nice set of headfones.

    I’ve currently got about 20 mp3’s on there – around 100 pics (1.2mp) – and about 5 short movie clips (.mp4) – thats as well as address book, messages, e-mails, etc etc.

    its been on the market for nearly 7 months.

    so whats so new about this thing?

    oh i see… apple are making a front end to what the player looks like…

    well blow me down with a feather! what a revelation!

    for f**ks sake – who cares?! apple need to make the actual unit! the real hardware! – unless the entire phone is driven by software developed by apple – WHO CARES ABOUT WHAT THE LITTLE BAR THAT TELLS YOU HOW MUCH OF THE TRACK YOU’VE LISTENED TO LOOKS LIKE????

    i bet it’ll be blue.

  11. I agree macman…

    while my Motorola cell works well as a mobile phone, it doesn’t have the cool UI factor my iBook has…

    once UWB BT comes along – it’ll make file tranfer easer and quicker too

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