IBM PowerPC processors will power all three next-gen game consoles from Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft

“War breaks out again in the video game business this week as Microsoft Corp. , Sony Corp. and Nintendo Co. all take the wraps off their next-generation game consoles. But the biggest winner may be IBM Corp.,” Bob Keefe writes for The Atlanta Journal Constitution. “For the first time ever, all three gaming consoles — Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Nintendo’s Revolution and the successor to Sony’s PlayStation 2 — will be powered by microprocessors from a single company, IBM.”

“IBM designed the chips , each different and unique, primarily in Austin, Texas, where about 6,500 people work mainly in software, hardware and semiconductor design. The chips will be produced at IBM’s East Fishkill, N.Y., factory and by third-party suppliers overseas if needed,” Keefe writes. “IBM is well-known within the semiconductor industry for cutting-edge chips. Its PowerPC chips also are used in the Mars rover vehicles, some of the most sophisticated business workstations and Apple Computer [Macintosh] machines. But the game consoles will take IBM chips more mainstream.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The AIM alliance (between Apple Computer, IBM and Motorola) was formed in 1991 to create a new computing standard based on the PowerPC architecture. To the many people who have already written off the PowerPC: you jumped the gun, it’s time to take another, closer look at what’s happening in microprocessors today.


  1. Great, when I’m not reading MDN posts and I haven’t yet recovered from my last wank, I can fritter the hours away playing “awesome” games on a screen instead of doing real activities in real life. Is it any wonder I can’t get laid?

  2. Good days for Apple’s friends=Good days for Apple!

    With the increase in revenue from next-gen consoles, IBM will be able to spend more to develop faster chips. Then the prices go down for the chips, and so do the prices of Apple computers, making them more accessible to Windows users who are fed up with all the spyware/adware/viruses of their Intel- or AMD-powered computers.

    MW: red

    As in: “Bill Gates must be RED in the face that his company has to use Apples to develop for the Xbox 360!”

  3. Apple could come out ahead, far ahead, as programs will be easier to write for other platforms. Game software manufacturers are probably jumping up and down knowing that all 3 game consoles will have very similar CPUs. This will make their life a lot easier. With Apple’s computers being of the very same heart, it will be far easier to port their games over to Macs than to do complete rewrite to an Intel or AMD box.

  4. Wonder what the mood is at
    1) Intel – (lost their “Win” partner)
    2) Dell, HP, et al (lost their “Home Media Ctr PC’s)

    Betcha, they are knocking at Steve’s door to deliver OS X to x86 and give them an extension on life!!

  5. I noticed a little while ago that TiVo’s also used PPC processors. Granted, they have slow clockspeeds so they can keep the cost down, but PPC is starting to be used in a lot of places.

  6. OK, with these game machines running at speeds that literally make the latest PCs look like calculators from the 70’s, what is going to happen to the PC Market??? More specifically, are Macs gonna be this fast in a year??? If IBM can do this for all 3 game companies, why the f$%k couldn’t they do this for Apple?

    Would someone please clear this up for me?

    Also, the leap in performance is so huge, doesn’t it look like INtel is totally screwed here? If they are, how the hell is the PC market going to migrate to PPC chips? Wouldn’t that be an enormous undertaking?

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