Four new Apple Retail Store locations revealed in NY, CA, and MA; at least another 20 coming in 2005

“Apple is flexing its retail muscles again with four new store locations, confirming that the Retail segment is king around Cupertino. First, Apple is filling out the southern California scene with a future store at the Brea Mall, in Orange County north of Anaheim, and a store at The Oaks mall in Thousand Oaks, about 45 minutes northwest of LA. Apple is also adding to the New York City region, with a store inside the Staten Island Mall (NY), the only regional mall on the island. And lastly, another store in the Boston region, at the Burlington Mall northwest of B-Town along I-95,” reports.

Full article here.

AppleInsider has additional details on the four new stores locations, including their location within the malls and that at least two of the leases have not yet been signed. Also of note is information about the in-progress Westchester (NY) store remodel and enlargement that will also serve as a test store for a new arrangement or design. The Cupertino, Calif-based company now operates over 100 stores worldwide and plans to roll-out at least another 20 by the end of the calendar year. In effect, Apple is launching one new retail store almost every 10 days. More info here.


  1. OK, now this I don’t understand. They are going to open another store in the Burlington mall in Massachusetts, but there is already one in Peabody at the Northshore Mall. They have had a store staked out at the Braintree South Shore Plaza since around October but have not opened it yet, but still paying rent on the space. How long does it take to actually open the store once the spot is picked and the lease signed?

  2. Burlington! Great! From 30 to just 5 minutes from home now…

    shipwithsails missed that Apple has one planned for Hingham as well. Anyway, Chestnut Hill and Cambridgeside are usually packed on weekends. I’ve never been to the Peabody store but have heard good things about the Apple staff there. The Braintree store seemed to have been delayed while Apple waited for a neighboring store to vacate.

  3. hey! a straight news story wih no sign of an inflammatory comment on an opinion piece written by a pc-biased moron…

    you’ll be losing readers mdn…

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