Roxio’s Toast Titanium update for Mac OS X Tiger disallows iTunes Music Store track burning

Roxio has released Toast Titanium Updater X 6.1 for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. The release notes state, “Following discussions with Apple, this version will no longer allow customers to create audio CDs, audio DVDs, or export audio to their hard drive using purchased iTunes music store content.”

More info and download link here.


  1. YEP!

    I reckon Apple will announce some sort of video ipod at the next keynote.

    It is common knowledge that they are expected to announce an update to the ipod range soon (June?).

    With this and the fact that the new itunes update integrates with movies more – it’s gonna happen!

    I also think by the end of the year Apple will launch a ‘video/movie’ store too (US only initially – like how they launched itunes music store).

  2. Nah, I just smell the RIAA putting pressure on Apple, which then put pressure on Roxio to turn off the music burning. Probably because you could burn the same CD as many times as you want under Roxios program while iTunes was limited to only a few burns of the same playlist. RIAA are the ones that limited how many burns that iTunes could do, and Roxio couldn’t limit the amounts of a single CD burn so it had to turn this feature off. That is my take.

  3. Why in the world would they do that? I burn iTunes music fine using Toast 5.x? Isn’t that one of the ‘ok’ things you can do with your purchased music?

  4. Uh, but, I like using Toast with Jam to make CDs where the tracks cross fade. You can’t cross fade with iTunes. This sorta sucks. Tell Apple to mind their own business.

  5. Brando is right. I smell the RIAA as well. You can burn songs as many times as you want with iTunes if you create a new playlist. What’s the big freaking deal? Doesn’t the RIAA realize that real music pirates have expensive duplicating equipment. They aren’t sitting around in their underwear with their iBooks making copies.

    This has nothing to do with video.

  6. This is not news people. You haven’t been able to burn iTMS songs with Toast 6 now for quite some time. When Apple released QT 6.5.1 they broke that feature in third party apps with a change they made in the DRM.

  7. Well, it looks like I’ll be sticking with 6.0.9 for a while longer, at least until the program does something so compelling that I’d be willing to trade off making cds with music I own a license to for the upgrade…

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