OWC 8X DVD SuperDrive upgrade for PowerBook G4 now Dantz Retrospect-certified

Other World Computing (OWC) has announced that their Mercury SuperDrives are Dantz/EMC-certified and supported for Dantz Retrospect backup.

“These drives read and write fast, and our customers can have every confidence that their most critical audio, video, data – and now backup – needs can be handled with this Retrospect certification,” said Larry O’Connor, president of OWC in the press release.

The OWC Mercury PBG4 internal SuperDrive offers burn speeds of up to 8X DVD, 2.4X DVD Dual Layer and 24X CD. And, with the Dantz certification, consumers can be confident it will be 100 percent compatible with Dantz software and supported for burning music, data and video with nearly any Apple/Mac DVD or CD authoring application, according to OWC.

For PowerBook G4 Titanium models that shipped with a CD-RW or better, and any PowerBook G4 12-, 15- or 17-inch Aluminum model, bundles are available that include the drive, Dantz Retrospect, NTI Dragonburn and 10 pieces of 8X DVD media for $169.95.

“People are busy. They don’t want to wait hours for the latest family movie to burn,” O’Connor said in the press release. “This latest Mercury PBG4 DVD- and CD-burner replaces the stock drive to burn fast without requiring anything extra to carry around.”

OWC sells a full line of internal and external SuperDrive solutions for most Mac models, offering a top speed for DVD burning of up to 16X, from $69.99. The drives can be used with Apple iApps, Roxio Toast, as well as most any other burning application.

For more information and to view the entire line of SuperDrive solutions available from OWC visit http://www.macsales.com/Superdrive

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