BBC News: Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger ‘the most stable and reliable OS, well ahead of Windows XP’

“Apple’s new version of its Mac OS X operating system, dubbed Tiger, is being touted as the world’s ‘most advanced operating system.’ But does it deliver on its promise? According to Apple, Tiger has more than 200 new features but most of them will be invisible to the average person, while a good number are developer-specific,” Darren Waters writes for BBC News. Waters looks at Tiger’s main features and “some of the smaller changes that could have a big impact on how you use your Mac.”

Waters concludes, “Tiger adds several crucial new features to Mac OS X that every Mac user will benefit from but at £89 for the upgrade it is questionable whether the OS is an essential purchase. Mac OS X remains the most stable and reliable operating system on the market and the new features keep it well ahead of rival Windows XP. PC users switching to a Mac that comes pre-installed with Tiger will be getting the best deal of all, however.”

BBC News asks,” How you switched to Tiger? Is it worth the upgrade? How does it compare to other operating systems?” A comment form is provided on the bottom of the page for readers to answer the questions BBC News poses.

Full article with screenshots here.

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  1. I’ll definitely be getting Tiger, but I won’t be one of the ‘early adopters’.

    Probably get on board at X.4.1 or X.4.2, after Apple has smoothed out the initial kinks. Tiger IS a major upgrade…

    Really looking forward to it, though.

  2. Ditto, Reluctant. My PowerBook is mission critical, my only computer serving both work and personal needs. Trying to decide whether 10.4.1 will be good enough; I guess I’ll read the Tiger message boards after 10.4.1 and see if enough of the issues have been dealt with; if not, I’ll wait for 10.4.2. but…
    I HATE the waiting!
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  3. One of the BBC comments from readers was:

    “I have just upgraded from Panther to Tiger and it has only caused problems. The upgrade broke many applications, including my ADSL modem software, so I was unable to connect to the internet. I wish Apple would do more through beta testing before unleashing its upgrades so quickly. “

    Is this just a troll on BBC? what ADSL modem software? I know no one on my entourage with ADSL modem software installed on their OS X machines? Anyone?

  4. iPodder

    The Hermstedt USB ADSL modem is confirmed as broken in Tiger. It’s very popular in Europe as a lot of ISPs send you one when you sign up. Their website does say that a driver update will be posted as soon as possible.

    Note to everyone : Don’t use USB ADSL modems. More trouble than they’re worth.

  5. I used the “upgrade” feature, rather than doing the archive and install. Having repaired permissions and running scripts (via Cocktail) prior to and just after the switch, I’m amazed to say that it worked perfectly. All my apps and files are there. My third-party apps worked just as before, and (amazingly) my iBook seems ‘snappier.’

  6. Dave H, IPodder

    I live in the UK and my ADSL modem no loner works either under Tiger. I have a Thomson Speedtouch 330 ( which is supplied by many ISP’s in the UK and installs connection software and a driver which no longer functions under Mac 0S 10.4, as far as I am aware they know about the issue and are working on it.

    Dave H since my ADSL USB Modem is supplied free I’m inclined to use it, instead of wasting money on a new one just for Tiger, maybe it’s “more trouble than they’re worth” but it was free and worked perfectly well in Panther.

  7. I switched to tiger today, as a matter of fact. I’m quite pleased actually. The panther I had before was nice and fluffy, but ran away all the time, so my new tiger is much better. I’ve even toilet-trained him…

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