Henrico blasted for choosing Dell laptops with Windows XP over Apple iBooks with Mac OS X Tiger

“Unbeknownst to much of the general public, there’s actually a larger gap in quality (and in the rate of technological advancement) between Apple computers and their Windows counterparts, than there is between the iPod and its imitators,” John A. Hanson writes for FactWatch.

“And Apple just released it’s most advanced OS upgrade yet, ‘Tiger,’ while Microsoft continues to labor on it’s upgrade to Windows XP, dubbed Longhorn, due out in late 2006. Microsoft has about a year and a half to attempt it’s typically bizarre collection of kludges only superficially imitating the Mac of days-gone-by,” Hanson writes. “It’s in this context Henrico County school officials decided to end a pilot period of leasing Apple iBooks to instead lease Dell Inspiron 600m’s,” Hanson writes.

Full article here.

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  1. Sixth post! Yeh-hehesssssss.

    Listen, I’m reminded of an old joke. You know de one: What’s the difference between Henrico County, Virginia and Cobb County, Georgia?

    One just bought basic computers for their students. The other will be buying them from Apple anyway in a couple of years. Yeh-hessss.

    Hey, come onnnn — I love de people of Virginia. Really I do. They just scare me.

  2. It still amazes me when “educators” and civic “leaders” reveal themselves for the real ‘sheep’ that they are. It’s no wonder kids come out of school and can’t read, write and do ‘rithmatic (ah, is that a word? public school grad here).

    No wonder our entire society is awash with mediocrity!

    Glad to see some ray of truth in the bleakness of FUD coming through.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Dells have two USB ports and a trackpad. Whoopee!!
    Damn that would sell me a laptop PC. Oh yea and it comes with Windows XP. Wow now I can look forward to hackers, viruses, trojans, and lots and lots of spyware. Yes!!!

    What a bunch of maroons. The teachers thought the iBooks were down to much. Wait till they start running those Dells. Then they’ll know how unreliable PC’s are when the students get spyware and viruses from Kaza and others places. It’s really going to be a fiasco just getting the students running let alone getting them to do something school related. I can’t wait for the latest stories to come out from them.

    I still wonder what the students and parents are thinking of this switch.

  4. Welcome to reality folks. Instead of blaming the school board, how about also looking at the parents.

    Ever thought that maybe some parents lobbied the school board for Dull computers?

    The school board answers to the parents and taxpayers, blame them for the stupid move.

  5. Gambit,
    Terrible article, bad read.

    What a completely sketchy website and bias article. These types of people provide another compelling reason to shy away from the Mac platform. They do more harm than good and further isolate the “elitist” community. I’m glad that our students will now have the business world’s computer of choice.

  6. >>Apple just released it’s most advanced OS upgrade yet<<
    hmm… trying to imagine a scenario where this would not be the case grade… (not counting MS bloatware of course). It’s not very common for an OS upgrade (or any type of upgrade) to be less advanced than prior versions.

  7. MacMania said: “…write and do ‘rithmatic (ah, is that a word? public school grad here)”

    I just checked (by by holding down Cmd-Ctrl-D and placing the mouse over your word – another Tiger feature!) and, no, it ain’t a word.

    Hee, hee. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    (MW – “reaction”, as in what would a Windows’ user’s reaction to this be?)

  8. <<I’m glad that our students will now have the business world’s computer of choice.>>

    I wasn’t aware that the classroom was “the business world.” That’s your first mistake. The point of getting computers in the hands of students is so they can learn, not just so they can be like “the business world.” The only thing these poor kids will “learn” is how quickly a Winblows PC will crash when it gets infested with spyware and viruses.

  9. to ‘not a news source’…
    The main reason the ‘business’ world has chosen Windows is COD (cost of deployment), not to be confused with TCO (total cost of ownership).

    The business world of tomorrow will be completely different for what it is today, and while I can not say with certainty that it will be Mac-centric, I feel quite confident in the fact that Windows is not going to be anywhere near as pivotal a player as it’s had the luxury of being for the past 20 years.

    The masses are much more knowledgeable about alternatives and the comparisons are being brought to the public en masse.
    Today’s children will be the decision makers in tomorrows business world.
    I for one feel that they deserve to be taught on secure platforms with well designed applications that feature cutting edge technology today!

    Microsoft is trying to build a skyscraper on a Doublewide’s foundation.
    Babylon will crumble…

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