Windows tech writer Thurrott: ‘In many ways, Mac OS X Tiger is simply better than Windows’

“Late last month, Microsoft finally issued its first public build of Longhorn, build 5048… some features, like the Sidebar and the new system-wide Contacts utility, are missing in action in 5048. There are reasons for these omissions. None of them are particularly good… Between WinHEC 2004 and WinHEC 2005, and while Longhorn was silently being re-engineered, Microsoft publicly revealed that Longhorn was changing somewhat. First, the WinFS data storage engine would be delayed until after Longhorn shipped, though Microsoft promised a beta version of WinFS around the same time that Longhorn was completed and vowed to include most of the instant desktop search functionality in Longhorn regardless. Second, key Longhorn technologies, such as Avalon and Indigo, would be ported to Windows XP with SP2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, and the x64 versions of XP and 2003, to ensure developers that they would have a big enough market to target. Microsoft also vowed to ship Longhorn in 2006,” Paul Thurrott writes for Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows.

“I have to be honest here. After a year without a single new Longhorn build and very little concrete information about what was going on with the project, I had high expectations for build 5048. And a pre-WinHEC briefing with the software giant did nothing to assuage those hopes. Plus, I’ve seen advanced Longhorn UI work and I knew how cool this thing was going to be,” Thurrott writes. “Build 5048 communicates none of that. And that’s a shame, because Microsoft had a chance to ramp up the momentum of a product that, quite frankly, could use a little momentum. On the one hand, we have Windows XP with SP2, which many people describe as ‘good enough,’ a phrase that will haunt Microsoft for years to come as it tries to foist new Windows and Microsoft Office versions on them with decreasing success. On the other hand, I present the competition, Linux and Mac OS X. The Linux market may be convoluted and disjointed, but Linux, too, is ‘good enough,’ and it’s free, along with ‘good enough’ applications like and better Web browsers, like Firefox.”

Thurrott writes, “It gets worse. Apple’s Mac OS X, recently upgraded to version 10.4 Tiger, is more than ‘good enough.’ In many ways, OS X is simply better than Windows, especially for experienced computer users, and Tiger rubs Microsoft’s nose in the embarrassment of shipping a key Longhorn feature–instant desktop search–a full year ahead of the software giant. That’s right folks. We already knew that Microsoft was facing smaller, nimbler competitors. But those competitors are now starting to outperform Microsoft in the feature department too. It’s time for Redmond to stop pretending Linux and OS X don’t exist… Anyway, Longhorn build 5048 is pretty boring… Here’s what I found out about this build during a busy week of testing.”

Thurrott glumly covers the state of Longhorn in his full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sometimes waking up can be painful and Thurrott seems to be doing it in print for everyone to read. Hopefully, the honesty keeps flowing and, while it does, Thurrott’s articles provide good insights, information, and are interesting reads. Kudos to Thurrott for calling it like it is for all to see.

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  1. He still makes me nervous. I envision the releaser of Longhorn to be hailed as something akin to Lazarus coming back from the dead.

    I already hear Thurrott’s trumpetting fanfare proclaiming the arrival of the new M$ king. Ugh.

    Take what he says with a huge old chunk of salt.

  2. Well, what can I say. Saying these things is a lot less painful than just coming out and saying I’ve been wrong. If I did that, how could I sell myself as a consultant to the 95 percent drones who use Windows?

  3. Poor Longhorn! How sad for PC users. Paul has always put an overly exaggerated positive spin on everything Microsoft. In this article by Paul, he sounds like he just returned from his mother’s funeral, where they dropped the casket or something. This is a must read for all the PC trolls who visit MDN Read it and weep! Very entertaining read for Mac users. GO Apple Computer—GO TIGER! YEAH BOY!

  4. LIES, LIES AND ALL LIES. Thurrott you are selling out. You have been bewitched by the mac zealots and are drinking their kool-aid. See if me and the mrs. ever have you over again to play with our toys. Windows rules; Bill Gates is a genius. Redmond is Paradise on earth. Longhorn kicks Tiger’s but (when it gets of the chute in about 2 years), but nonetheless……

    Ron “keep the checks from Gates coming” Enderle

  5. Nice. As for the receptive press about Mac continuing from Mr. Thurrott? Sure, why wouldn’t it? Frankly however, I think we might serve ourselves well if we got used to living compatibly in the same house with large numbers of people who, like Thurrott, also have both a normal commitment and an understandable endearment to Windows. These folks are invested in that product. Changes in investment take time.

    That said, I’m skepitical about this “Switch” business. I suspect that, initially at least, it will be more a circumstance of ‘adding-on’ than ‘switching’. It seems unlikely that many PC users would actually be abruptly and totally abandoning their old Windows boxes just because they got their first Mac. More likely they’ll be running both PC and Mac side by side and together for a while (just like Thurrott). Under that scenario, not only would they continue to have reasonably supportive comments about Windows but, in-so-far as these folks would then indeed also be part of the Mac community, we long term Mac users might do well to find their comments acceptable. After all, when Mac takes double digit market share (and it will), by default there would likely be more Mac users newly arrived from the PC camp than there are current Mac only users.

    Anyway, Thurrott’s sometimes perplexing duality may well be a good indication of the upcoming mixed emotions that will be commonly expressed as more and more people acquire that new Mac to accompany their already existing PC. We should probably percieve it as reasonable and get on with the business of being a greatly expanded and compatible user community

  6. He still needs to be treated like a dog that you’re never sure will bite. The next time MS so much as adds a new font, he’ll be all over trashing Apple again.

  7. Thurrott is just realizing that Microsoft won’t be around long enough to compensate him for his previous delusional beliefs.

    Make sure to click the link above when he writes something positive or at least honest about Apple.

    We want to support Thurrott when he advertises for Apple.

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