Record company causes Apple to hit ‘pause’ on Australian iTunes Music Store

“An agreement with one major record company stands between Australian iPod users and their Holy Grail – the long-awaited Apple iTunes Music Store,” Jennifer Dudley reports for The Courier-Mail. “A source said yesterday Apple had planned to launch an Australian version of its popular online music store last Thursday, as widely touted, but the launch was thwarted by one unnamed major record company that refused to sign an agreement in time.”

“The hurdle reportedly forced Apple to cancel radio advertisements ordered for the date, and it is expected to delay iTunes’s launch by days, or possibly weeks, as song and album prices and payments are negotiated with the holdout label,” Dudley reports. “Even though the Australian iTunes Music Store was not officially launched last week, some Internet users were able to access the work-in-progress, some even buying songs before their accounts were suspended. Visitors reported that individual songs cost $1.69, and the price of albums varied from $11.35… to the maximum price of $16.99.”

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  1. Why does Apple have to wait for a lone holdout record company to sign?

    Open the Store with the ones willing to participate and let the public outcry shame the holdout into agreeing with Apples terms. If they don’t sign on, in the long run it’s the record company that ends up losing out and looking like a fool.

  2. “Why does Apple have to wait for a lone holdout record company to sign?”

    Because, if the Australian iTMS does not have Men at Work, what’s the bother? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Its sad that one company is holding out. Been using iTMS UK (as based here now) this last week & must say its pretty good apart from the prices.
    Men at Work???????? Pleeeeeeese save me.
    MW: love (as in love the people here but not the weather even if it is sunny (a bit) today.
    Guess I’m Eurotrash now.

  4. Fot the iTMS to succeed in any territory it must have a complete music catalogue. I think it is better to further delay it until it can be launched with maximum impact.

  5. Keep going big business – keep Australia in the dark ages b/c of your own needs to keep those massive profits coming in from old, out of date technologies.

    Sony huh gzero? Maybe, but given Apple’s relationship, why would the Oz arm decide to hold out?

    Hey Tel$tra, do you have better than 512kbps ADSL yet for a reasonable price yet?? Maybe I’ll bother coming home when it hits 3Mbps. Still got download limits? Ah, forget it. (for those in countries like the US who don’t know, Australia’s Tel$tra charges per mb downloaded – thus most, if not all, internet accounts have some type of download ceiling – it had been as low as 1Gb for some “cheap” accounts, although I think it’s up to like 3Gb now.) They claim this is b/c most traffic comes into OZ from the US, Asia and Europe, but not much goes out, thus they are paying more.

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