Contractor UK: Mac OS X’s Exposé ‘available through Microsoft since 95’

While describing Mac OS X Tiger’s release, Contractor UK, “The IT Contractor Portal” writes of Mac OS X’s Exposé feature, introduced in Mac OS X Panther:

“Users will be pleased with the Expose [sic] feature that allows a re-sizing of Windows, available through Microsoft since 95, so multiple tasks can be viewed, while a key can also be assigned to allow instant desktop access.”

Full article here. [UPDATE: 12:10pm ET: The article has been removed from the Contractor UK site.]

MacDailyNews Take: For accuracy’s sake, perhaps an outlet targeted to IT should’ve taken the time to actually try Mac OS X Tiger before writing about it? If they had—or even just watched Apple’s online QuickTime movie of Exposé—they’d realize what any fool can easily see: Exposé has not been available since Windows 95 and is not even available today in Microsoft’s flagship Windows XP.


  1. Judging by the capital W on Windows, it looks like somebody did a sitewide search and replace to change “Windows” to “Windows, available through Microsoft since 95” and forgot to make it case-sensitive.


  2. def-fo, he is comparing the ability to resize windows manually with expose. (most windows apps commandeer the entire screen when opening. i cant tell you how many people ask why they can still see app “a” when app “b” opens when looking at my powerbook.)

    and not only that, this article is about new features in tiger. expose was available 18 months ago with the release of panther. what an idiot!

  3. I emailed them asking where XP does this. We shall see and I will keep you guys posted. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  4. The amazing thing it that someone got paid for that.
    Even more amazing, and in fact saddening is that there will be windows users who will read it, believe it and carry on in total ignorance of how backward the technology they’re using is. In fact they will think they’re better of using an os which based on that article is ahead of apple by ten years.

  5. Windows did have the “Show Desktop” quicklink dating back to, I think, Windows 98. I don’t think a “show desktop function” appeared until Expose in Panther.

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