Chicago Sun-Times: Mac OS X Tiger shows ‘there’s never been a more compelling time to switch to Mac’

With the release of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, “Apple’s acting like a bunch of jerks about how much better they are at these things than anybody else,” Andy Ihnatko writes for The Chicago Sun-Times. “I mean, they’re really rubbing Windows’ nose in it with this one. Which is hardly sporting, but it’s undeniably Good News for users.”

“There are plenty of brand-new features in this new release (200, according to Apple’s press release) but the true superstar is Spotlight. It’s capital-R Revolutionary, making the whole concept of organizing your data into folders and volumes seem, well …quaint,” Ihnatko writes. “Use it for just a couple of days, and you’ll imagine a future visit to Colonial Williamsburg where you can watch re-enactors churn butter, make candles and manually manage their files.”

Ihnatko writes, “Spotlight is more than a search utility because it’s actually a system-wide resource, just as important as Tiger’s printing system or its networking features. Its benefits aren’t limited to just files, or even the Finder. Nearly every new feature of 10.4 includes some sort of Spotlight-powered enhancement. And if software developers begin to understand what this new resource can do for their own apps, Spotlight could become the most transformative thing to happen to desktops since the drop-down menu.”

“Clearly, the folks at Microsoft have their work cut out for them. The next edition of Windows won’t ship until 2006 — maybe — and while the company certainly has the sort of smart and creative talent pool that’s required to produce such an OS update as jubilant and successful as Tiger, is that part of the company’s nature? Every past edition of Windows emphatically indicates the answer is no,” Ihnatko writes. “All I can tell you is that with Tiger on store shelves, and a new Windows a mere shapeless dot shimmering vaguely over the horizon, there has never been a more compelling time to switch to a Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, Mac OS X Tiger is getting some good reviews, huh? Do you think Windows users are noticing?

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  1. Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune being quoted earlier…

    Apparently, Chicagoans know what a good computer should be. But that is to be expected. Chicagoans have never been the mindless trend followers or lemmings that both coasts seem to be. I like Chicago for its lack of attitude; the people are much more real, less plastic personalities.

  2. MDN – while I am an Apple fanboy, your take is complete BS!

    Andy Ihnatko has been and always will be a Mac evangelist. For those of you that don’t remember MacUser, he was one of their columnists and reviewers.

    MDN – you act like he is some impartial journalist. He isn’t. Andy is as much in the pocket of Apple as Enderle and Thurott are for MS.

  3. Since the M$ tax payers freely compare Mac OS X Tiger to a non-existant OS, Winblows XP SP3 (code named longhorn), I think it’s fair for us to start talking about the next Mac OS X:

    I can’t stand the wait for the next OS X code named Cheetah due “1st Quarter 2007”. The features are truly impressive but I’m most interested in ‘Flood Light’:

    ‘Flood Light’, is the massive upgrade to ‘Spotlight’. Forget about simple desktop search; now you can get Human Knowledge Search (HKS). Flood Light gives you instant access to all knowledge of man – updated in real time! Amazing, some kid in San Juan just finished his term paper and Flood Light has already added it to your live index in Houston, TX.

    Let’s see Winblows XP SP2 top that!

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. MacMania, I don’t think you are too far off. The world needs an intelligent program that can scour the planet’s available databases and compile them into a useful collection, and do so with normal human language.

    For example, “List all of Abraham Lincoln’s non-political activities from 1845 to 1850.”

    Right now, the likes of Google merely dump off a truckload of data with tons of trash mixed in with it, and to have it filter out some of the trash, you have to have an expert knowledge of the best way to formulate your query.

    Google also displays the info backwards. I’d like to see what I was looking for and its surrounding context as the first line in bold, and then display the link(s) trailing it.

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