The Independent: Apple’s ‘faster, smarter, simpler’ Mac OS X Tiger ‘a must-have’

“The arrival of ‘Tiger,’ the fifth iteration of Apple Computer’s OS X operating system, released on Friday, has been eagerly awaited for months – even by some people who don’t use Apple machines. That’s because it’s seen as what Microsoft would like to achieve with the next version of Windows, codenamed ‘Longhorn.’ Except that won’t appear until the end of next year – and Tiger is here now,” Charles Arthur writes for The Independent.

Arthur looks at the main features of Mac OS X Tiger and writes, “For Windows users, [Tiger] is a sort of shop-window of what Longhorn might be like in 18 months’ time, providing your computer is fast enough by then for the next-generation product. For Apple users, it’s faster, smarter, simpler – and, what’s more, it’s here right now. At the price, it’s a must-have.”

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  1. Having pre-ordered Tiger from Apple I was anticipating a Friday arrival. When I called to inquire about not having received it Apple offerred a free iWorks. Yesterday both arrived. Tiger is all I hoped it would be. So far spotlight is amazing but I have lots to explore before I decide what is the greatest. Back to Tiger features. MDN Magic Word is further – fitting.

  2. On the surface, Tiger seems to be just like Panther, but after using it a few days, Tiger is much faster on my 876MHz 12″ PowerBook even without all of CoreImage. There are few bouts of hesitation. It seems multitasking is better. Spotlight is nice, but it can’t figure out what you are looking for if you aren’t specific. Mail is a bit awkward, but much better. The HTML engine seems to actually use WebKit now. Safari is fast and smooth.

    There seems to be a few irregularities I can’t quite put my finger on, but all in all, it would be painful to go back. I use Win2k at work also because I write on proprietary windows software and even though the computer is spec’d much faster, in reality it is quite a bit slower at most things and terribly clumsy.

    From what I’ve read of Tiger, it was written with developers in mind, like every other OS X release, but now it’s quite polished. The next version should be for the users. Hopefully Apple will concentrate on getting a unified interface look and feel. It seems every Apple app is “thinking different”. Mail looks more like a Windows app than any Apple app should for instance.

  3. I just had to post the following and I will ask you fellow Mac Zealots to please use the following new terminoligy:

    MS software will from now on be referred to as “Cattleware”, Why, well one reason is obvious, and the other is… well, because MS is fulll of bull.

    Apple software will be “Catware”, once again because of the obvious, and because “CAT”, as in the bulldozer is what Apple is doing to the competition

    MW – “Now”, as in “Now is the winter of their discontent”

  4. I just received and installed mine last night. Still wrapping my head around all the new stimuli, but I can say that Spotlight truly is significant, and might actually change the way I use a computer (for the better), which is something I can’t really say of any software released in a very long time (a decade+?). This is sounding cliche now, but I am rediscovering things from as long as ten years ago that are really quite useful. Haven’t even got to the smart folders yet.

    LOVE the contextual dictionary/thesaurus feature; polished, slick, and the entries come up almost instantly. Dashboard isn’t a big deal for me, but it too is beautifully done and it could become very interesting as more and more people develop for it. Preview seems to have some of the CoreImage functionality built into it, and can crop, resize, do colour alterations and more, and is still a very lightweight, extremely fast application (my favourite kind!).

    I’d love to hear other peoples’ favourite new features, especially the less talked about and hyped stuff….

  5. Most journalists seem to think that Spotlight is the greatest feature but I really haven’t used it much yet. From what I’ve seen it’s very impressive but I have a very organized file system so maybe I just won’t get as much use out of it as some people. What I really love is all the little changes that weren’t advertised. Mail is a million times better, there are nice little additions in the contextual menus throughout the OS, and it’s much faster. The only thing I don’t like is, I have an annoying little beep that, from what I read, is the power supply. Turning the Processor Performance in Energy Saver to automatic helped some but it’s still there.

    As for Foghorn Leghorn, maybe it’ll come with a search feature similar to Spotlight, and maybe it will have some of the features we enjoy today, but it’s still gonna be Windows. No thanks.

  6. Mail – more responsive
    Safari – just quicker generally and more informative about what it’s trying to do
    Spotlight – Truly incredible. Indexed my main hard drive within a couple of hours of installation, saves me around 15 minutes/day when I get queries
    Dashboard – a bit ho-hum so far, largely because some of the more innovative widgets are useful in England. Bound to change – especially if some British/European companies begin to understand the value of web services.
    Quartz Compositor – reminds me of a 70’s analog synthesizer, but for visuals rather than sound.
    Dictionary/Thesaurus – MS couldn’t do something that elegant if they had ten times as many monkeys working for them as they do now. Except at least they now have something to copy.
    Preferences/Accounts – so now you can have multiple admins on a machine easily, and you have a neat password generator.
    Keychain Access – easier to understand than before
    Grapher – something I’ll never use: cheaper than Mathematica (!), and an extremely elegant demonstration of the Power of Mac.

    So to sum-up: faster, smarter, simpler, superior and – most importantly – shipping.

  7. I think I just found a something interesting. If you have multiple users you can use spotlight to search the contents of their user folders (at least if you are the administrator) – thereby defeating any security. I just did it.

  8. Here’s my opinions on Tiger after 5 days:

    Faster, buggier (expected though).

    Mail is faster but whats with the icons? What happened to HIG apple?

    Spotlight is fantastic although it doesn’t always update until I log out.

    Still figuring out Automator. I know it will be useful, just haven’t found it yet.

    I could live without Dashboard. Is there a way to disable it?

    Quicktime 7 and H.264 are amazing.

    Haven’t done much with iChat although I’m glad its got Jabber support now.

    Safari is much improved and I like the RSS feed although I would like it to be more like Firefox’s RSS in that I can scan the headlines in my bookmarks menu and not actually open them up in a window.

    Good news is Fink still works fine in it. I reinstalled my subversion server today.


    Apache 1.3.33 is still the web server. Why didn’t Apple switch to Apache 2?

    Perl’s been updated as well as python although python has been compiled with gcc 3.3 instead of gcc 4.0. Thats ok, I installed python 2.4.1 via fink and compiled it with gcc 4.0.

    Can’t wait for the first update.

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