Jupiter Research VP: Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger ‘runs rings around Microsoft Windows’

“Want to see what the future of personal computing looks like? Don’t wait for Microsoft to show you; go out and get yourself a copy of Apple’s latest operating system release, OS X Tiger. It’s that good,” Michael Gartenberg, vice president and research director for the Personal Technology & Access and Custom Research groups at Jupiter Research, writes for Computerworld.

Gartenberg writes, “For the past few weeks, I’ve been using the final version of Tiger. There are a lot of nice things in it. For example, iChat2, Apple’s instant messaging client, runs rings around the stuff on Windows, and on a G5, you can run a four-way videoconference in seamless full-screen mode. Try that on a PC.”

“The Dashboard application, including the concept of HTML applets showing contextual snippets of information, is very useful, and like most Apple stuff, it’s just plain cool,” Gartenberg writes. “But what makes Tiger a big deal are two features that boost personal productivity in ways no PC operating system has ever matched (at least not yet): Spotlight and Automator.”

Gartenberg writes, “The real challenge for Apple is to make sure that the market understands what it has done. My advice to Apple? Turn up the volume on this release several notches so it doesn’t get lost in the checklist wars… There’s no doubt that a lot of similar concepts will be included in the next version of Windows. But Longhorn won’t be here for at least 18 months. It will be interesting to see what Apple has for us by then.”

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  1. I’m now with all those who’ve been demanding that Apple start advertising Tiger. In part to piss off those zits in Florida called TigerDirect, but more to capitalise on all this amazing press.

    Apple – get someone to start making your adverts – and make them at least as cool as you did for the iPod ones.

    Oh to watch Longinthetooth die a death before its even been born!

  2. OUTSTANDING review, especially the author’s denigration of Windows advocates’ “checklist” response to Tiger (i.e., “we have search, they have search”). This is the review to forward to others, especially business/office colleagues and IT departments. As Gartenberg writes, Tiger is “productivity nirvana”–business will get this, at least those businesses that are going to win in the marketplace, and those are the important ones.

  3. Long ago, I played around with QuickKeys. Then I played with RealBasic. Then I played around with AppleScript. Except for QuickKeys, I never had a good enough reason to get all that interested in them. So now OS X 10.4 has Automator. So, the past couple of days, I’ve been playing with it. Jeesh! Now, how come, all of a sudden (not really, I guess), I have loads of reasons for using it. I’ve created these little workflows that do all sorts of cool things for me. For example, for some reason Preview now saves screen shots in png format instead of pdf. I dunno why but, what I really want it to do is save ’em in jpg usually. So, now I got this little Automator workflow that batch converts all my little screen shots from png to jpg in one fell swoop. It took all of 30 seconds to create and it takes less time to perform the task. How cool is that?

    Apple should advertise Tiger features like that more. I agree.

  4. I doubt advertising about OSX features will have much impact. Most people buy PC, because that is what they use at work. I think Apple will do better giving PowerBooks with MS Office to CEO of Fortune 100 companies. Then attach a letter, “remember the last time your big deal went sour because media found out about it before deal was complete? With this PowerBook, you won’t have to worry about your computer leaking the information to the world”

  5. thanks mr. mertz. yeah, i read about grabbing screen shots like that in the new Preview. then I forgot! senior moment, i guess. but, then, my forgetfulness led me to play with Automator, which was cool in its own right, no?

  6. Has anybody successfully had a “oh my god that is so amazing, best quality ever” multi user chat with iChat AV? The discussion forums at apple and elsewhere all talk of disappointment. I read with skepticism the article comments about a seamless four-way full screen chat… comments appreciated.

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