Red Hat founder offers to help Apple Computer with Tiger Direct lawsuit

“Robert F. Young — a founder of Linux distributor Red Hat and now owner of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Canadian football team, has offered Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs a quick way out of a lawsuit over the latest version of Tiger, Apple’s latest operating system,” Jack Kapica reports for The Globe and Mail Update. “The lawsuit, filed one day before Apple released Tiger, sought an injunction on behalf of, based in Miami, to stop Apple from using the word ‘tiger’ because it infringes on its trademarked name.”

“‘This lawsuit is a load of codswallop,’ said Mr. Young. ‘Nobody and no company should have the exclusive use of the word ‘tiger.” Mr. Young has offered to license the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ historical use of the word Tiger to Apple free of charge,” Kapica reports. “The Hamilton Tigers Football Club, established in 1869, continued to be known as the Tigers (with its colours of yellow and black) until 1950, when the Tigers merged with the Hamilton Wildcats to become the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. ‘136 years ago we were called The Tigers,’ Mr. Young said. ‘If anyone owns the exclusive rights to the word ‘tiger’ with that much history and tradition, it’s gotta be us.'”

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  1. As a former Hamiltonian, life long fan of the ‘Tiger-Cats’ and Mac dude, I am really glad to see Robert F. Young support Apple in this bullshit, media grab stunt by those Jokers from Miami.

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  2. This is rediculous … how many sporting teams in the world use the word “Tiger”? It is broader than just the US.

    Here in Australia, for example, we have a team called the Richmond Tigers. A name than hs been around since the Australian Football League began.

    Memo to all the companies that are complaining … get over it.

  3. This name issue is almost as bad as patents.

    America, pick your socks up – there are far more important things which should be concerning you all than frivilous lawsuits.

  4. That is nice, but then it makes it seem like Apple has to ask permission to use the word ‘Tiger’, or any other cats they want for their coming releases. There is no need to validate their claims, even if this would get Apple off the hook.

  5. Found with Sherlock:

    n : nonsensical talk or writing [syn: folderol, rubbish, tripe, trumpery, trash, wish-wash, applesauce]

    Source: WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton Universi



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