Enderle: ‘iPod Halo Effect is just a myth, same thing as having Paris Hilton visit Apple stores’

“Apple Computer is riding high on iPod profits, having moved 5 million music players in the first three months this year, roughly five times the number of computers it has sold. IPods are luring visitors to Apple’s retail stores, and in some cases attracting new users sick of Windows. But analyst Rob Enderle, head of California-based The Enderle Group, says the so-called ‘halo effect’ around the iPod is really just a myth,” Arik Hesseldahl writes for Forbes. “‘From what I’m seeing, the iPod simply drives people into the stores, and the foot traffic helps move product,’ Enderle says. ‘The iPod benefits the entire Apple product line, but Apple could have done the same thing by having Paris Hilton, or some other celebrity, visit the Apple stores.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wow. Just… wow. Enderlunacy strikes again. It’s a good thing for Enderle that he works for The Enderle Group, that’s for damn sure.

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  1. This guy must be getting hit in groves now that Throwup is temporarily out of the picture. Don’t support this guy by reading his full article. That is what he wants you to do!

  2. Apple clearly needs to advertise it’s Mac and OS X products. On Friday night, people stopped and asked us why we were lining up outside the San Francisco Apple store.

    They really need to do semi serious ads instead of the previous “fastest computer the world” type crap which only leads to derision once it’s proven they’re not the fastest. Or the insulting type crap they also do. They need to grow up, advertising wise (the iPod shows they can actually do it.) Even Microsoft advertises XP on TV… although they don’t always show the product (wonder why?)

    Sure, Steve’s previously admitted defeat in the desktop space, yet, if that really were the case, why would they bother putting so much effort into OS X? The home market? I don’t think so. The less than 10% of businesses actually using Apple Mac’s? I don’t think so. They are obviously trying to claw their way back.

    Of course, there’s this bullsh*t in businesses about Apple being “one vendor”… wtf is Microsoft’s dominance then?

  3. Don’t click that link! He’s just trolling for traffic. Don’t give in. Go learn more about the new features in Tiger instead. It will be a much better use of your time.

    MDN word: country – As in: I wish that Enderle would disappear to another country. And never be heard from again.

  4. Yeah, the same thing… if you could clone Paris and have her available in each store for every hour it was open.

    I know it can be a pain coming up with something witty and fresh to say to the press, but this comment is just pathetic and makes no sense. So, very true to Enderle.

  5. Which magazine does he write for? Is it Forbes? I thought Forbes Magazine is a reputable circulation. Why are they letting this guy spew
    garbage and nonsense all the time and waste magazine space? If enough people complain to Forbes’ editor, will they eventually stop printing his column?

  6. “So, very true to Enderle.”

    True, in this context, is an absolute. You cannot qualify an absolute. It is either true, or not true.

    When people say something is “very true”, what they really mean and should say is “it is true, and I am excited about the fact that it is true”, or words to that effect.

    Btw., Enderle is an asshole.

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