Banned in Apple Retail Stores, ‘iCon’ unauthorized Steve Jobs bio doubles initial printing run

“No one can accuse Steve Jobs of indifference. In an image-obsessed fit of pique, Apple Computer banished books published by John Wiley & Sons from the shelves of Apple’s 105 retail stores recently because of Wiley’s plan to publish an unauthorized biography of Jobs, the Apple chief executive,” Katie Hafner reports for The New York Times.

“It is not clear whether Jobs or anyone else at Apple has read the book, ‘iCon: Steve Jobs, The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business,’ by Jeffrey Young and William Simon, which will go on sale this month,” Hafner reports.

“The ambiguity of the title – Icon, or I Con? – is the first clue that the work may not be hagiography. But in the publisher’s view, the details are probably beside the point. But Young said the title had not been intended to convey negative overtones, that it was a playful twist on Apple’s iPod and iMac. ‘He’s become an icon, bigger than life,’ Young said. ‘It was clear they didn’t want us to publish the book,’ Susan Spilka, a spokeswoman at Wiley, said,” Hafner reports. “Wiley, in response to increased interest in what it calls an ‘intimate look at a controversial leader,’ has decided to double the book’s initial press run of nearly 50,000 and to race it to stores by May 13, a few weeks ahead of its original publication date.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Steve Jobs must really want this book to sell.

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  1. ‘iCon’ was never going to be sold in Apple Stores. It’s the other books from the same publisher that were pulled from Apple’s shelves.

  2. So I guess ordering the iTunes audiobook is out of the question. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Hmm, maybe….

  3. Steve´s enormous, over-inflated ego and vanity and the psycho-paranoia this self-adulation (I am a genius, I am the greatest)it creates will do him in.

  4. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. The hype will raise Steve to another level. Look at Martha, comes out of Jail, increased media coverage, another new show, earnings through the roof. Our culture works in funny ways.

  5. I don’t know what the book says so I really can’t react to its contents, but I thought it was a mistake for Apple to handle the book the way it did. People never seem to realize that whatever book, movie, CD, etc., you’re trying to keep people from seeing almost always becomes more interesting because you are.

  6. Release the book you morons. The thing I’m scared the most about is if the author reveals the time I slow danced with minnie mouse in the love tunnel

  7. Hey, “dr. ohhhh” — Learn to construct a sentence with proper structure, you turd.

    Witness: ” . . . and the psycho-paranoia this self-adulation … it creates will do him in.”

    Over-inflated ego my ass. Sounds like SJ is f*cking brilliant. Just LOOK at all the press this is getting!

  8. It’s MY doing. MY doing, I tell you!!! MWAAAA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAHHHH!!

    I will never sleep nor rest until the glory and fame that is my Good Twin’s has become mine!!!

    (Bill? . . . Bill? Are you there? . . . Where’s my check?)

  9. Hey, “steve´s twin” – thanks for reading my note and the added publicity of repeating it.

    Tip to the ignorant “Steve´s twin” – the press is all negative against Steve and his censorship of the book, meanwhile the publisher will sell more books that are critical or Steve the iCon Job(s). The brilliant one´s are the book people taking advantage of Steve´s hyper-infalted ego.

    So “Steve´s Twin” – go back to BurgerBun job where you belong, he does not need a dweeb like you in the family.

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