PC World: Apple Mac mini an ‘impressive small system could tempt you to become a Mac user’

PC World gives Apple’s Mac mini four stars out of five in their review that’s devoid of OS or software discussion.

“Cute isn’t a word we use very often in connection with PCs, but it certainly applies to the Apple Mac Mini–arguably the most visually striking personal computer ever built. The world’s most petite PC could serve double duty as a bookend, as long as the books weren’t too big. The elegant, cleanly designed white case is only 6.5 inches square and just over 2 inches tall,” Richard Baguley writes for PC World.

“Apple designed the Mini to compete against cheap PCs (the most basic Mini configuration starts at $500) while still basking in the full glow of the Mac mystique… The Mac Mini is built around a 1.25-GHz PowerPC CPU, and seems to be well suited to supporting such everyday activities as watching DVDs, working on text documents, and playing games; an ATI Radeon 9200 GPU handles the graphics,” Baguley writes. “The Mac Mini provides an elegant way to enter the Mac universe without having to spend too much.”

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  1. Woot! Greetings from outside the Apple store in Tampa. There’s about 50 people in line so far. LOL, just got photographed/interviewed by the St. Pete Times. Good luck all!

  2. Right MDN, no comments at all about software, and he says it would be well suited for playing games. Shheesh. He totally avoids the Mini’s strongest point of all and yet recommends it for probably its weakest. Someone give the guy a clue.

  3. They omitted to state that the new Tiger OS and the software is worth the purchase price, so the computer is thrown in for zilch, zero, nada. Don’t you just love the way these ‘jurnerlizts’ leave out the facts.

  4. Good points all, but overall, isn’t pleasing to see favorable reviews from PC World?

    iMac G5: 4 stars

    iPod 4G, 4.5 stars

    iWork, 4 stars

    PowerBook G4, 4stars

    The PC community is finally looking at Apple as a positive alternative, or at least, a worthy supplement. It’s good news.

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