Forrester analysts: Apple should advertise Mac OS X Tiger on television and in movie theaters

“The new Mac OS X 10.4 operating system, aka Tiger, puts Apple Computer 18 months ahead of Microsoft and its cohorts, Dell and Hewlett-Packard, in delivering a better computing experience for most mainstream activities,” Forrester Research analysts Ted Schadler and Charles Golvin write for CNET News. “Apple’s improvements in the areas that matter most to consumers–safety, convenience, entertainment and simplicity–are facilitated by its use of open-source software. Alas, most consumers won’t be wowed immediately by innovations like the Spotlight dynamic search or four-way video chat because they aren’t driven to them from the outset. Next time, Apple should use movie-trailer-style promotions and interactive teaching tools to walk consumers through the benefits and features.”

Schadler and Golvin write:
Any consumer product–movie, automobile or operating system–must be promoted to put the benefits front and center in consumers’ minds. To pump up the virtues of its next operating system–and give consumers new reasons to buy a computer–Apple should (and Microsoft must):

• Use television spots and movie-trailer-style promotions to highlight the new benefits.
As Apple has learned with its iPod marketing, integrated marketing campaigns led by television spots can draw in large numbers of consumers. Apple should take this one step further with long-form or movie-trailer-style promotions that walk consumers through the key features and benefits.

• Build interactive teaching tools for each consumer scenario.
Once the operating system is fired up, consumers must also be led by the hand through its features. Apple should build interactive, high-definition and, probably, animated video tools to teach consumers how to use dynamic search or set up a four-way video chat or configure the computer so children will be protected online. Dedicate some of that video processing power to turning the computer into a self-help teaching tool.

Schadler and Golvin also cover a wide range of Mac OS X Tiger’s benefits and features in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple run TV spots for Mac OS X? Wonder how that would work? Movie-trailer-style promotions? Hmm, very interesting idea there. Let’s expand on that concept: Imagine a movie-trailer-length Mac OS X Tiger “show and tell” that runs before the next Pixar film and is also conveniently included on every Pixar DVD. It would be seen by many millions of people who today simply have no idea what Apple offers with Mac OS X. Couldn’t Apple’s CEO call up Pixar’s CEO and make something like that happen?

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  1. Too bad Apple’s CEO is *really* busy right now. I’m sure he’d love to chat with Pixar’s CEO.

    (I’m sure most of you know this, but Steve is the CEO of Apple and Pixar. Just had to make sure everybody gets MDN’s take! :D)

  2. For the life of me I can’t understand why Apple doesn’t advertise ANYTHING they make, besides the iPod. Look at how there was an iPod commercial on all the time and what it did for it. Most people I know have never heard of, for example, GarageBand. They don’t have a clue about it or OS X. Jeez, I hope more analysts start talking about Apple’s lack of TV advertising and maybe Apple will start doing some. Who said that you can’t afford NOT to advertise…was it P.T. Barnum? Anyway, PLEASE ADVERTISE APPLE! Microsoft is going all out with advertising and they don’t even have a product!

    Magic word: reaction – as in what would happen if they did advertise.

  3. Magic word: reaction – as in what would happen if they did advertise.

    I think that would be a double edged sword for Apple who have never been any good at producing enough to meet public demand. Mind you the least they could do is try it….?!

  4. Yeh-hehesssss. With any luck, Apple’s first movie trailer promo will be debuting with my first film, coming soon to theaters near you. I know, I know — I’ve gotten offers of much more dough from de likes of Microsoft, but you know what they say: If you lie down with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas! Yeh-heh-hehesssss!!!

    Hey, wait a minute-

  5. It’s really frustrating that Apple doesn’t advertise. My husband brought my LCD iMac G4 to work with him a couple weeks ago, and everyone just LOVED it and wanted to know where they can get one. We had to explain to them that it’s no longer for sale. I mean, they didn’t even have any idea that the iMac LCD even existed!

    And if Apple creates a TV ad, I really really wish they’d forgo the “cool” part and just make it connect with the masses instead. I hate to say it, but Dell actually does a good job with respect to advertising (although most of their ads border on misrepresentation). Still, Dell manages to get its message across, no matter how far from the truth it may be.

  6. Well the hardware exists.. av.. the iMac ads are ancient.. they just don’t advertise software…

    You don’t remember the iMac ads where a guy is walking past a window making faces at the iMac, and it sticks its tongue out at him (the CD drive)

  7. Rush had a five minute session today, where he probably sold 5000 Macs, just by saying how great they are. Also he explained a bit about Tiger. It was great! He’s been using them for years and has a 20 million listening audience. Jobs won’t advertise on Rush’s show because of politics. Remember when a tiny company called Snapple became a giant company overnight because of exposure on the EIB network?
    Now don’t panic you libs. It’s just good business to go with the best. You could put ads on Air America and maybe sell a shuffle or two.

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