Apple releases new .Mac features exclusively for Mac OS X Tiger users

Mac, Apple’s suite of innovative software and Internet services, has just been enhanced. .Mac membership unlocks exclusive Tiger features including Mac-to-Mac syncing of keychains and Mail settings like accounts, rules, signatures and Spotlight-driven Smart Mailboxes. Members also get access to comprehensive online tutorials for a variety of Apple products, such as Tiger, iLife, iWork, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Shake and Logic. Also new is the .Mac Family Pack, giving up to five family members the .Mac experience for just $179.95 a year. Save $30 when you buy an individual .Mac membership or the .Mac Family Pack from the Apple online store, an Apple retail store or an authorized Apple resellers by May 23.

You can already sync contact information, calendars, and Safari bookmarks Mac-to-Mac and to .Mac for access from any Internet-connected computer. Now, with Tiger installed, you’ll be able to sync passwords from your Keychain and Mac OS X Mail preferences—including accounts, rules, signatures and the new Spotlight-driven Smart Mailboxes—Mac-to-Mac. Tiger’s powerful sync features put key information at your fingertips wherever you need it.

Now you can enjoy the convenience of a shared family address book. Turn on sharing in your Tiger Address Book’s Preferences, then add other .Mac members and choose whether to allow them to edit contacts. Any changes made are reflected in all of the accounts. No more requests to email contact information for party planning, holidays, and calls to the dentist—everyone sharing the address book has the same current contact information.

With .Mac you get a members-only selection of Tiger Dashboard widgets—mini-applications that make it a breeze to find and track online information and perform simple tasks.

.Mac Mail aliases, so convenient to use in webmail, are now available from within Mac OS X Mail as well. Create up to five email aliases to use for fun or to protect your main address—you have the ability to deactivate or delete an alias and create a fresh one to replace it. With Tiger, these aliases are part of your desktop Mail application, conveniently displayed along with your other mail accounts so it’s easy to send and receive mail using your aliases.

Learn more about .Mac and sign up for a free trial now.

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  1. Great. Better take advantage of these tutorials before I cancel my membership this year. I mean. I’m cancelling this year. Not worth $99. Maybe if you could get up to 5 real email addresses for $99 would it be worth it. That is, give my wife an email address as well as me. Not just an alias. No there are plenty of other sites that will give you unlimited email addresses and a lot more storage for a lot less money. Once again the same from Apple, professional price, beginner focused service.

  2. The difference is Jeff, you can’t ‘iSync’ your addresses, bookmarks, calendar or mail from any machine, when you use those other sites you (didn’t) mention.

    I know there of these sites too that offer five email addresses/larger storage, less money, blah, blah. So what?

    Did you look at the dotmac home page this morning? There is a new sidebar that contains all your .mac website hits, plus direct links to them and to your address book on your home machine, your calendar events and your public ‘ftp’ folder.

    Sorry, you won’t get that with any other non-Apple webmail service. And that for me is worth the price of admission.

  3. No mention of the as-yet-unrevealed widgets that are going to be exclusively available to .Mac members, and I’m really looking forward to finding out what they are. Fun! Fun! Fun! I love today.

  4. OK, I goofed. They did mention it in the article. But so far they are not released on the website. I suppose after the “official” release of Tiger at 6 pm?

  5. Inevitably people will compare it with GMail. 2GB storage is a lot, but it’s e-mail, and it not available to everyone, even if you want to play for it. So it’s tempting to compare the two, but it’s not a fair comparison. SO STOP BRINGING UP GMAIL!!!!

    MDN Magic Word: complete, as in “Complete idiots, these saps who harp on .Mac vs. GMail…”

    …like me.

  6. Who are we kidding? Gmail is available to everyone now, every Gmail user has 50 invites to give away and almost everyone has a (free) account now. I think it’s fair to compare a free service that gives you more space against a service that costs $99 a year for significantly less storage space. I have a .mac account but I rarely use it, and that address/contact syncing does nothing for me.

    By the way, I have 50 invites to Gmail left if anyone wants one, just drop me a line.

  7. Jeff,

    You bozo. It’s not $99 if you either buy it or renew it between now and May 12. Get your head out of your nether regions and pay attention for once in your life.

    Oh wait, I was supposed to let your mom say that.

    Nevertheless, use your brain for once!


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